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    Charlotte Lynggaard has been a bit of a poster girl at Est HQ. The jewellery designers summer home was featured in our second issue of Est Magazine here and has held us spell bound ever since. We like to think we are more than just a little connected to the designer in our own style led way with the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen leather bracelets that we wear now having become like a second skin on our wrists.

    We asked Charlotte to share the secrets to her own personal style and the influences that inspire her to create.

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    How would you describe your own personal style?

    I do not have one style. Sometimes I am dressed very romantic, other times I like to wear high heels and suits. I can also have a look that is more bohemian.

    Does your own style influence your designs for the Ole Lynggaard collection?

    I think that is why our collections include such a wide range with very different pieces. I can have my different moods and go through different stages of life, which is then reflected in the collections, and then my father also has his distinctive style.

    Est Magazine Charlotte Lynggaard Drawing

    Can you name your favourite piece from the current collection?

    All of my designs are equally dear to me as they all represent different times of my life and have a different meanings to me…you cannot choose among your children. But at the moment I am especially fond of our Leaf rings from our LEAVES Collection.

    It is a leaf-shaped ring in 18-karat yellow or rose gold from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN that wraps delicately around your finger. Its hand-engraved surface and warm glow is reminiscent of satin and the soft and organic shape is sensual and sophisticated.

    The hand-satinised surface that is achieved by an old and time-honoured technique that requires great precision and attention to detail, the organic shape, the reference to nature, and the fact that you can see that it is a collection that derives from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN – these are all elements that encapsulate our DNA, our proud traditions and our passion for the crafts and it is a great pleasure being able to express all this with one collection or a piece of jewellery.

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    We live in a very fast paced society, how important is it to you to take time to find inspiration from external sources?

    I love feeling unified with nature and Denmark has exquisite nature that both inspires me on a personal and professional level. Long quite walks, alone or with my family, is one of the things I love the most and use to find inner peace and de-stress.

    I take the opportunity to walk in the forest and devote time into designing sketches. Privacy and integrity is highly valued. A major source of inspiration is life’s many contrasts – like the Scandinavian nature combined with inspiration from the strict Japanese style. Whether it comes in the form of furnishings, clothing or in my jewellery designs. To me designing is often about the contrast in colours, styles, mixing contemporary with the classic, the wild with the stylish or the simplicity with daring.

    How do you manage your time in order to find inspiration?

    I am very much inspired by my travels, women I meet on my journeys or see on the streets, relations to people and different materials which I experience on a regular basis for work and pleasure.

    The nature – the sea and the forest also provide constant sources of inspiration, which I surround myself with.

    Sometimes also just being on my own, going to an exciting place for a few days, giving myself the luxury to be inspired and use this peace and inspiration in my designs – and always with my little sketchbook by my side. Could also be a trip with my husband and children, in a nice hotel with atmosphere, close to the water – and at the same time being able to visit exciting museums or different places.

    Est Magazine Charlotte Lynggaard Summer House

    What has been the best advice you have ever been given?

    My father has always told me to follow my heart and trust in my gut-feeling.

    What does success mean to you?

    To be able to work with what you love. To be able to be a family owned company without compromising on quality nor design. To be able to continue to impassion quality conscious, fashion-forward women all over the world.

    Where is your favourite place in the world to spend your hard earned holiday?

    I travel a lot all over the world with my job, so when I have for instance my summer vacation in July, I prefer to stay in Denmark and enjoy the Danish summer, with the long light evenings and chilled atmosphere. A good Danish summer is irreplaceable and I think all Danes can agree to that.

    What do you predict will be the over aching theme or trend for 2015?

    To invest in quality rather than quantity. A tendency I see is that women are actively buying jewellery for themselves, the same way they buy an expensive new bag or a pair of new shoes. I think every woman should have a piece of jewellery that has an important meaning to her, something that makes her feel beautiful and unique – whether it is a ring or a beautiful pendant – something with a meaning. If it has a meaning to you, it will always stand out and become a natural part of your outfit, because you will always wear it with pride and elegance.

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