Clara Adolphs | ‘Thursday’ Exhibition

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    Emerging artist Clara Adolphs’ upcoming exhibition at MiCK Gallery is set to become another sell out before it even opens later this month. Capturing the familiar moments of unknown characters, Adolphs ‘Thursday’ exhibition references the every day happenings, situations and events, that form the backbone of our very human existence.

    Relying on old photographs as the source for her characters imagery, the figurative painter continues to investigate the human condition in her latest series of detailed ‘snapshots’ of a moment in time in an individual life. Invoking a sense of nostalgia, Adolphs exhibition of large narrative paintings, together with smaller portraits and sculptures, explores the concept of time and the fleeting existence of an actual moment within it – though the memory, and photographs, may remain.

    27 November – 13 December 2015 at MiCK Gallery, 474 Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney.

    Est Magazine Clara Adolphs Thursday

    Thursday Oil on Canvas 112 x 91cm

    Est Magazine Clara Adolphs Reading

    Reading Oil on Canvas 31 x 39cm

    Est Magazine Clara Adolphs Spectacles

    Spectacles Oil on Canvas 39 x 30cm

    Est Magazine Clara Adolphs Seated Man

    Seated Man Oil on Canvas 54 x 69cm

    Woman with Vase Oil on Canvas 60 x 53cm

    Est Magazine Clara Adolphs William

    William Oil on Canvas 38 x 29cm

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