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    Driven by her overriding passion for photography, French born Christiane Celle created the Clic General Store, Bookstore & Gallery as a creative space devoted to exhibiting the works of emerging and established photographers, while also stocking a diverse collection of photography, lifestyle and art books.

    Born from Christiane’s background in fashion, the Clic General Store is a carefully considered collection that celebrates the work of artisans and designers from different fields. The result is a hand-curated selection of unique accessories, clothing, toys and home wares in two stores, based in New York City and East Hampton.

    The ever changing exhibition space also plays frequent host to book signings with the artists and creators, so if you are lucky enough to find yourself in NYC, or East Hampton (we will take either – thanks for asking) then be sure to check in and see what is going on in store.

    BY Charlotte McKid

    Clic Gallery General Store Products Est Magazine

    Clic Gallery General Store Front Est Magazine

    Clic Gallery General Store indow Est Magazine

    Clic Gallery Photographic Prints Est Magazine

    Clic Gallery General Store Est Magazine

    1. Hand Made Ocean Rope Rug
    2. Chevron Blanket in two tone Beige
    3. Motif 56 Leather Fringe Clutch
    4. Studded Leather Lunch Bag Clutch
    5. Woven Spiral Design Basket with Leather Handles 6. Dogon Tribe Baskets, Made in Mali Africa
    7. Merino Knit Ivory Pomster Hat

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