Colour Blocking: Casa Horta

  • Est-Living-Casa-Horta-Barcelona11

    Inspired by Est Style Hunter Juliette Arent and her love for a rich, bold green we wanted to share more of Casa Horta, the 1920’s family home of designer Guillermo Santomà in Barcelona. Clearly unafraid of colour, Santomà’s striking palette of musk pink together with greens and blues offset by white washed walls is an effective use of colour blocking to highlight the geometry of a structure, or in this case, a home.

    Spanish tiled floors ground the palette while also adding a warmth to the scheme while monochromatic mosaics add a further depth and texture to the rooms. This would have to be one of the most visually stunning examples of colour blocking in a home that we have ever seen.

    Who said that pink and green should never be seen?


    Est Living Casa Horta Barcelona11

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Jose Hevia

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