Designing a Compact Family Home with Maria Danos Architecture

4 comments on “Designing a Compact Family Home with Maria Danos Architecture

  1. Beautiful, serene, chill space. I love it! Can you tell me the source for the oval bathroom mirrors? Many thanks in advance for your help!!

  2. Hi Paula,

    Thanks for reaching out to est! These oval mirrors were custom designed by the architect and realised by Absymmetrix cabinetry.


    the est team

  3. Dear est team! Thank you so much for taking the time to field my inquiry. Clearly, I must be Australian in my soul as so much of the design that speaks to me hails from there. I found Artedomus by happenstance (on-line) as I was was sourcing tiles for my renovation and through their kindness and direction, was able to source amazing designs and materials and bathroom fixtures.

    Thank you for being a visual inspiration!!

    Warm regards,

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