Concrete Conceal House by Tecture

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    An inviting family home built to bring everyone together, this spacious and light-filled concrete gem by Tecture is a triumph in materiality with infinite decorative opportunity.

    The Concrete Conceal House is a prime example of how modern homes are truly chameleons in their ability to cater to the livelihoods of the owners. Located in Melbourne’s North Caufield, Tecture has designed a home elegantly proportioned with the kind of exacting spatial dimension signature to minimal architecture. To seal the deal, these understated surroundings give lead to the array of beautiful objects carefully curated by Swee Design.

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    Although choosing the sharp-edged coolness of minimalism hints at one’s preferences for the masculine, this home does quite the opposite. Instead, the Concrete Conceal House is an infusion of the feminine touches of brass, rose gold, pinks and florals; they do say opposites attract after all.

    These contrasting colours and mix of materials are best seen in the living areas. We love the choice of round table tops by District and Hub furniture, adding a degree of balance and traditionalism. These are interspersed with the Avant-Garde designs such as the Ligne Roset Solveig Floor Lamp by Domo and abstract sculpture by Dan Lorrimer.

    The kitchen area welcomes a breeze from the decking area directly across, allowing an abundance of light and air into the vicinity. Wide hallways in this home provide a sense of openness and freedom to roam, perfect for a growing family such as this one.

    With a nod to the décor in the living area, the bedroom echoes similar choices in colour and texture schemes. We love how art is a frequent feature in this home as seen again via the dusky print by William Breen hanging above the bed. Plush bedding by Hunting for George completes the look.

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    A sure standout in this home for us has got to be the master bathroom with its grey-scale marble walls and bench tops, combined with the curve-edge mirror. These are the kind of unique details that add volumes of character and personality. Gold hardware taps elevate the entire persona into something more personal and luxurious.

    As we birds eye view downstairs, we can see the symmetry of the home exemplified by the staircase. Marble makes another appearance here contrasting harmoniously with the birch stairs. As we venture outside we are greeted by this same precision in the perfect simplicity of the exterior – so perfect in shape and size. Intermittent slats of wood add pattern and variety to the front face of the property.

    A home which honours golden proportions and tasteful furnishings, we see many more years of life for what we’re willing to bet is one of the best looking homes on the street.

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