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    With an urban sophisticated style, self confessed style addict AnoukB’s favourite part of her job is transforming creative ideas into a tangible concept. As a concept stylist, designer and highly qualified home shopper, AnoukB collaborates with friend and photographer Marjon, to connect food fashion, people, interior and design for key brands. Sharing a love for an aesthetic that is both pure and unaffected, they celebrate the imperfections of natural elements in their new Concept 2012 venture.

    This already successful collaboration sees them visualising brand identity and inspirations based on current trends seen out on the streets. A new web store in the pipeline, designing a home in Amsterdam, and styling for international magazines and clients has Anouk appreciating the simpler things in life for inspiration. The sound of her daughter sleeping and the birdsong in the morning are what she relies upon for energy and creativity in an otherwise hectic life.

    Anouk Styled our Issue #5 Tangerine Tango, Trend Report.   VIEW HERE >>


    Est Magazine Issue5 Contributors AnoukB

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