Stylist | Khaseem Warren

  • Est Magazine Issue1 Contributor Khaseem Warren

    Stylist Khaseem Warren came onboard as the Est Magazine Fashion Editor at the very begining. Since issue #1 she has been dazzling us with her unique and relaxed take on style.

    Est Magazine Issue1 Contributor Khaseem Warren


    What design purchase have you made lately? Stacked heel ankle boots. They’re not exactly “designer”, but they’re gorgeous and beautifully designed, so what do you call that?

    What do you covet? Double strap Cape Cod watch by Hermes.

    Favourite designer? Consuelo Castiglioni (Marni). There’s a long list, but she’s at the top.

    Favourite blog / website? I’ll love whatever Gwyneth is saying at and whatever Romy is doing at

    Favourite online shop? ebay. I know….!

    No 1 styling tip? I think, after about 14 (for most women, most of the time) it’s best to avoid, really, pretty-girly looks. If you have a pretty-girly dress, great!, but toughen it up with the right accessories.


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