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  • Mr Darcy Maxwell Dine Contributor Est Magazine

    Mr Darcy Maxwell Dine Contributor Est Magazine


    Reaching the top of a mountain and taking in the view, while catching my breath and feeling the spray of the ocean on my back, or watching the waves curl over themselves as they hit my board, these are the moments I long for.

    But what I live for is food.

    After years of cooking culinary creations for some of Australia’s leading fine food establishments, I took an opportunity to head southeast of the Gulf of Mexico to surf the Caribbean coast line while teaching the foundations of cooking to pay my way. A dream gig.

    In 2012 I almost lost my life after being hit by a car, fortunately I was able to retain some of my cooking knowledge and skills and have used this to repair my body with natural and nourishing recipes.

    Now, along with rehabilitation, I spend my time creating fresh fare to share with my family, friends, loved ones and Est Magazine readers.

    Occupation: Chef
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Instagram: @projectreciperehab




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