• Visual Merchandiser | Maxine Riedmaier

    CONTRIBUTOR PROFILE Finding beauty in design is what I love. The big things and the little things. Creativity runs through… continue reading.

  • Chef | Mr Darcy Higgins

    CONTRIBUTOR PROFILE Reaching the top of a mountain and taking in the view, while catching my breath and feeling the… continue reading.

  • Photographer | Tara Pearce

    In a bid to capture the perfect wedding day, Tara Pearce spends her weekends chasing brides around the beach, the… continue reading.

  • Somebody’s Debunking Instagram

    Stephanie Stamatis aka Stephanie Somebody, the Australian Instagram phenomenon, wants to share everything she knows about Instagram with YOU! At last… continue reading.

  • Photographer | Jessica Comingore

    Jessica Comingore is a designer and photographer living and working in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of The Fashion Institute… continue reading.

  • Stylist | Tamie Freier

    Tamie Freier is a Melbourne based Interior Designer/ Stylist and part of the Est Magazine editorial team. She produced our Issue #2… continue reading.

  • Illustrator | Maria Radun

    Maria Radun is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer. She has spent most of her life in Melbourne, where she studied illustration… continue reading.

  • Photographer | Marjon Hoogervorst

    Light, basic and a little raw is how Marjon Hoogervorst describes her work, and we couldn’t agree more. Her beautiful photography captures spaces… continue reading.

  • Photographer | Mindi Cooke

    Mindi Cooke is a Brisbane based photographer and shot our Issue #7 ‘House on a Hill’ story about Jennifer Codey’s house… continue reading.

  • Sarah Wood – Tranquil Grace

    Following her love of wedding photography and fulfilling a long held creative vision, contributing photographer Sarah Wood took her photography… continue reading.