Country Road | How to hang a picture frame wall

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    If like us you are planning this year, to finally download some of those photos sitting on file on your computer and have them printed, framed and hung around the house for all to see, then we think this video from our friends at  Country Road, explaining ‘How To Hang a Picture Frame Wall’, is a must see before you even think about picking up a hammer and nail.

    This short little inspirational clip from our friends at Country Road will show you what materials you need along with a complete step-by-step process that shows you in detail how to consider proportions and take measurements.

    To mark the sign of a new year and a fresh new approach, we think sorting out your back log of photographs and hanging keepsakes and memories on the wall is the perfect holiday task – best shared with a willing friend and a chilled bottle of wine… just remember to watch the video first!


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