Cultivating Minimalist Cool with Minimalux

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    The term minimalism is used with abandon in the world of design. After all, it’s a simple way to paraphrase the various nuances of any pared-back visual language. While we at est can’t deny that the minimalism trend has firmly established its place in both the worlds of interiors and architecture, our understanding of its essence is enhanced by Minimalux, the luxurious brand that has recently arrived at Space Furniture.

    Minimalux is renowned for its reductive yet considered products. The British-born brand, now in its 8th year, was founded by designer Mark Holmes and industry expert Tamara Caspersz. It’s through Space Furniture’s astute understanding of our growing appreciation for luxury accessories that the brand has caught our eye. Uncompromising in its vision, Minimalux offers a range of products, many of which bridge the gap between fashion and object. Whether you’re hunting for something for the design-conscious friend in your life or simply craving a sense of minimalism in your day-to-day essentials, Minimalux will satiate all your personal and home product covets. Here’s our standouts from the current collection.

    est living minimalux dish 60 1

    Dish 60

    It’s not often we see something that is both quiet and bold, but Minimalux’s Dish 60 achieves this balance with ease. Either used as a vessel or paperweight, the dish is a study in seamless attention to detail. Mirror-polished by hand and available in solid brass and aluminium, or plated nickel, it’s hard to imagine a more luxurious desk addition. The dish features a scooped centre, which could provide a shallow home for small objects, but we think it’d almost be a shame to disturb the sensuous curves of this small piece of art.

    est living minimalux mirror

    Pocket Mirror

    There’s a nostalgic romance to using a pocket mirror, but far from being antiquated, Minimalux’s precise, smooth solid brass pocket mirror feels as modern as the smartphones that inhabit our bags, and just as at home. At just under 6cms in diameter, its compact nature means it may not be an item to throw into your carry-all, but it does make for a truly luxurious experience when used. Made all the better by its matching natural vegetable tan leather pouch. We can’t deny it: as simple as it may be, this pocket mirror exudes confidence and style.

    est living minimalux candlestick 1

    U Candleholder

    The clean lines of the U Candleholder by Minimalux lend relevance to an oft-cliched table accessory. Formed from a single piece of tubing and a removable base, the candle holder is executed in solid brass, stainless steel and copper, or plated black nickel. Each is mirror-polished by hand to ensure a lustrous finish. Proving that Minimalux is able to turn even the most traditional luxury item on its head, the U Candleholder has us pining for any excuse to use it.

    est living minimalux clip 1

    The Clip

    We’re often asking ourselves the question: what do you buy for someone who seemingly has everything? It would appear we may have an answer with The Clip from Minimalux. Universally useful for paper, money, or a tie, the clip is a study in the perfect marriage of function and form with its essential yet aesthetic curves. Crafted from solid sterling silver and mirror polished by hand, The Clip is proof that simplicity, when done with finesse and quality, cannot be outshone.

    est living minimalux cufflinks 4


    It’s refreshing when we spot a brand that shares our appreciation for pared back quality, particularly when it comes to traditionally gaudy accessories. When it comes to cufflinks, it can be difficult to find a pair that have the balance of prestige and understatedness just right. Minimalux’s pair, made from single bars of solid brass, are both assured yet muted. Available in satin, mirror polished, and plated finishes, the brand mark is on the rear to ensure a seamless finish. We couldn’t imagine a more fitting example of one of the hallmarks of minimalism: the devil is truly in the detail.

    est living minimalux copper pill tube

    Pill Tube

    More descriptive than prescriptive, the name Pill Tube alludes to the slight dimensions of this vessel and not to its singular use. While the tube may be slim, the design speaks loudly of Minimalux’s commitment to refined finish. Shaped like a test tube, this portable carrier is electroformed from solid copper, mirror polished by hand, and is available in natural or plated metal finishes. A pale cork ensures an air-tight enclosure. To us, the Pill Tube exemplifies the theory that good design allows the end user to determine its purpose.

    est living minimalux ballpoint

    Travel pen

    There are certain luxuries that we believe are worth investing in, and a well-crafted pen is one of them. But far from the pretentiousness and gaudy masculinity of a black and silver fountain pen, Minimalux’s Travel Pen is both elegant and discreet. Precision machined from a single bar of solid brass, the cap is a screw fit that can be removed effortlessly with a half-screw. The pen is easily refilled through an opening in its base, which is handy knowledge given it is destined to become an indulgent essential.

    est living minimalux square ring

    Square ring

    In many ways, jewellery flies in the face of minimalism’s very spirit, for all jewellery is an adornment. But we’re able to see beyond this with Minimalux’s Square Ring, for it not only heroes the simplicity of minimalist design, it is a wearable reflection of the brand’s DNA: premium materials and a fine-tuned finish. A simple square shape with the Minimalux logo engraved on the inside, the Square Ring is hand polished and available in either solid brass or copper.

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