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    Having studied at both the Oslo School of Architecture & Design and the School of Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden, it is fair to say that Daniel Rybakken’s work successfully straddles both worlds of art and design without each being mutually exclusive.

    His recent work, the Ascent Light for Luceplan, was presented at Euroluce Milan 2013 and won over the design conscious crowd for both its from and function. Focusing on the exploration of daylight and how to artificially recreate its subconscious effect, the Ascent light is the culmination of Rybakken’s research and experimentation.

    The simple movement of shifting the head of the light up and down a long narrow stem to control the light intensity and its reach is a genius idea both for task and mood lighting purposes. While pushing the lamp head to the base of the stem turns the light off, moving the lamp up to ascend the stem, allows the light source to cover a far greater surface. There are two versions available, ones that uses an anchor bolt for mounting to a table and the other with a bolt to mount to a base, to create a floor light. Both come with a tilting mechanism for further control of light.

    We can’t wait to get our hands on one…

    Daniel Bybakken | Domus Ascent Table Light | Est Magazine

    Ascent-concept c

    Daniel Bybakken | Ascent Table Light With Base | Est Magazine


    Daniel Bybakken | Ascent Table Light 3D Printed Tests | Est Magazine

    Daniel Bybakken | Ascent Table Light Prototype | Est Magazine
    PHOTOGRAPHY Daniel Rybakken & Kalle Sanner

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