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    Inspired by the longevity of good, quality design that considers the rule of both form and function, we simultaneously grapple with the overwhelming feeling of being more than just a little jaded by the never ending amount of cheap crap that is being pushed out into the world for us all to consume. Whether they be ‘one season wonders’ in the form of a cheap woollen jumper that pills profusely after the first wear, or a metal plant stand that screams ‘so 2014’, the design appeal is totally lost on those who consume with a conscious and ask themselves ‘where will all of this end up next season?’ One word, landfill.

    While of course we totally get that its important to remain ‘current’, we are also acutely aware that the worlds seemingly insatiable appetite for consumption (especially when it comes to fashion) will, at some point, consume us all if we don’t stop and ask ourselves the question – ‘do we really need this in our wardrobes or in our homes?’

    With this in mind we introduce an artist and a brand that we think represent quality and longevity when it comes to their craft. Not driven by mass consumption or the need to flog their brand incessantly, these design houses appear to follow the mantra of less being so much more.

    Melbourne based artist Fred Ganim’s eight piece exhibition of a limited edition, hand crafted furniture range responds to the question ‘do we need another chair’. Ganim’s chair, television cabinet, shelving unit, dining table, book stand, coffee table, pin board and ‘dump pole’ (bet you didn’t even know that you needed a dump pole did you?) form a truly timeless furniture collection. If you’re in Melbourne in August you can see Ganim’s work at 68 Gwynne Street, Cremorne from the 14th until the 16th of August.

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    American Oak Bookstand by Fred Ganim.

    Est Magazine Fred Ganim1

    American Oak Cabinet by Fred Ganim.

    Est Magazine Fred Ganim3

    The Do Not Sit Chair in Rock Maple by Fred Ganim.

    As the Swedish word for time, the Stockholm based watch brand TID Watches is the perfect example of great design – without the price tag. Founded in 2012 by Ola. E Bernestål, Petrus Palmér and design studio Form Us With Love’s Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren, the TID brand offers a limited range of unique watch pieces that have been designed for every day wear that will age beautifully over time. We love the considered thought into not only the watch piece but also the branding and presentation of these classic, timeless watches that have been designed to last the distance.

    Est Magazine TID Watches

    Est Magazine TID Watch1

    Est Magazine TID Store
    Est Magazine TID Watch Brand

    The TID Watch Showroom in Stockholm.


    PHOTOGRAPHY:  Jonas Lindström


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