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    Enter LANDMARK by Lexus: a sensory activation helmed by Fiona Lynch Office and Koichi Takada Architects.

    LANDMARK by Lexus reflects ‘a new era of luxury’ – one that sees sustainability and exceptional design entwined for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The pavilion is a translation of Lexus’ Japanese Takumi craftsmanship and Japanese Omotenashi hospitality (to wholeheartedly look after guests) through the eyes of Sydney architects Koichi Takada Architects and Melbourne interior designers Fiona Lynch Office.

    A coming together of dedicated collaborators, which also included luxury fragrance brand Raconteur and Melbourne restaurant Etta, has created an immersive brand experience by engaging all of the senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. 

    The Architecture

    Koichi Takada Architects set out to ‘naturalise’ the LANDMARK by Lexus exterior. Characterised by a traditional Japanese sensibility, Koichi Takada says his approach follows nature – and ‘nothing in nature has straight lines’. “We were invited to think outside the box, and our response was to incorporate organic forms that would soften the hardness of the modular construction to create an environment that would be a trackside oasis for guests,” Koichi Takada says. 

    To reduce environmental impact, materials used are either recycled or recyclable – and chosen to be reused repeatedly. Biophilic design is expressed through the hanging gardens and dappled light filters through the curved awnings. 

    The Interiors

    Fiona Lynch Office have articulated an ‘emotional potency’ at LANDMARK by Lexus, where three levels hone an entirely different atmosphere and aesthetic through custom joinery, furniture and lighting. Every detail has been guided by a focus on zero wastage. “Our studio’s work is underpinned by thoughtful consideration of the lifecycle and environmental impact of our designs and the furnishings we select. The reflective finishes of the unexpected and refined interiors we’ve created presents as a modern mirror on ourselves, society and the cultural fabric of the Spring Carnival,” Fiona Lynch says.

    Playing with the theme of reflection, the ground level takes on a forest-inspired quality with Australian ‘Pilbara Green’ stone, olive-coloured walls, leather, wooden and metallic accents. Level two is awash with warm golden materials and finishes, while the Lounge on the third level is the lightest of all three – featuring ‘Kentucky Blue’ walls and textural silver elements. Each floor threads together through material consistency, just as floral installations by Hermetica and scents by Raconteur enhance their distinct feeling.

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    Koichi Takada Architects were asked to reimagine the pavilion’s exterior, in celebration of Lexus’ 20th year of partnership with the Victoria Racing Club.

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