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    It is a night-time truth universally acknowledged, getting the kids to bed (and to stay there) can be a struggle. Sure there are books and articles dedicated to children’s bed time tips like establishing routines and monitoring red cordial intake past 2pm… or how Phenergen can change your world. However, we at Est have a little tip of our own, we believe in the power of sleeping beauty – or rather how to create beauty for your little ones sleeping space. So for a little inspiration we have pulled together some of our favourite kids bedlinen for you to consider.

    Lesson one is that you can never be too young to succumb to the lure of quality bedlinen, whether it be in prints or plain. Believe it or not we can still remember the colours and pictures on our favourite bed sheets as kids. It was Hello Hobby for those of us in the office old enough to remember succumbing to her lures, surely you remember your favourite pillowcase character that made the bedtime routine of teeth brushing just that little bit more bearable?

    So next time you read that bedtime story for the 77th time, try snuggling up in the company of one of these bedlinen sets as you relive the evening rituals of your own childhood – while lulling the little people to sleep. You can thank us later!


    mark tuckey kids linen and bedroom furniture

    Furniture and Rachel Castle Bedlinen from Mark Tuckey

    Rachel Castle kids Linen Est Magazine

    Pegboard Sheets, Colour Patch Throw and Pillowcases by Rachel Castle

    hunting for george oh dear kids Linen Est Magazine

    Oh Dear Reversible Quilt Cover and Gelati Pink Knitted Blanket from Hunting for George


    Country Road Violet kids Linen Est Magazine

    Violet Quilt Cover by Country Road


    Linen House Kamper kids Linen Est Magazine


    Kelsea Camper Quilt Cover Set by Linen House

    Kate Kate kids Linen Est Magazine

    Kate and Kate Jagger Throw from Hunting For George

    Aura throws kids Linen Est Magazine


    Diamond Throw (centre) by Aura

    Lightly Mountains kids Linen Est Magazine

    Mountains Baby Blanket from Lightly

    Little Louli Roar kids Linen Est Magazine

    Roar Hand Printed Quilt Cover by Little Louli

    mini rodini kids Linen Est Magazine

    Organic Fish Quilt Cover and Pillow by Mini Rodini

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