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    Somewhere between the Atlantic coast and the Andean foothills in South America lies the Pampa region, a sparsely populated painfully scenic region of central Argentina. It is here that slowly and with much heart, skilled artisans weave one-of-a-kind Pampa rugs under the gentle guidance of photographers/creators Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson. Like the surroundings in which the pieces are made each rug embodies a tapestry of memories, heritage and culture; to the admiration of Australian based constant travellers and Pampa founders Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson.

    Ask one half of Pampa Carl Wilson what Pampa means to him and the response is more esoteric in nature, “Pampa is the word used in Latin America to describe open plains, lands that lay uninterrupted to the horizon”. Victoria and Carl are both recognised artists and while photography is their chosen medium, one look at their individual portfolios together with their photojournalism work documenting the Pampa range and the connection becomes clear. The photography and the range of rugs stem very much from a conceptual place where horizons, texture, traditions and colourful sun bleached nostalgia come alive.

    Pampa rugs can take up to six weeks to complete and are constructed in local Argentinian artisan’s homes, often set up in their backyards where nature and remote life inspires each pattern. Fair trade seems an accidental (yet very welcomed) consequence of the Pampa business model which focuses on rescuing the skills of native communities and introducing them to new audiences here in Australia and internationally.

    What caught our attention was the rich texture, the honest organic lines and clashes of colour unique to each finished piece, all containing a type of wisdom that is rarely seen in the cookie cutter product design world of today. Although no two rugs are the same there is a prolific nature about the collection that to us also symbolises the enjoyment and professionalism with which the artisans tackle each woven rug. There is a colour way for just about every type of space, now to make some very tough decisions…

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    The 2014 rug collection. See more on Pampa website here.

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    The process and people behind the Pampa production.

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    Artistic Photography by Pampa.

    Pampa stockists can be attained on their online store here.


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