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    Kestie Lane Studio re-writes the rule book with their eye-catching, maximalist approach to bathroom design. In this feature, we learn why every bathroom project is informed by the design of the entire home.

    We sit down with Melbourne based design firm Kestie Lane Studio to uncover their residential design approach, focusing on the bathroom. Speaking with namesake founder Kestie Lane, known for her confident yet inviting interiors, Kestie reveals her design philosophy through three key areas; the project context, materiality, and signature bathroom fixtures and fittings.

    Produced in partnership with Rogerseller

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    The entire project fundamentally inspires Kestie Lane Studio’s approach to bathroom design. For example, at ‘The Hopetoun’ project, design cues are taken from the kitchen, including marble and timber materiality, tonal interpretations, minimalist lighting and Rogerseller tapware.

    Client & Context

    Kestie Lane Studio’s approach to bathroom design is always developed with the homeowner in mind. Whether it be a large master ensuite, a bright children’s bathroom or a moody powder room, the environment is adapted to reflect the client. While each project is individual, the ‘red thread’ throughout Kestie’s projects ensures the final result reflects the ‘design language’ of the entire home.

    Kestie says her practice strives to create a ‘day spa experience’ with every wet area, fusing a sophisticated palette of finishes with bespoke joinery.

    To understand Kestie’s signature approach further, we step inside ‘The Hopetoun’, a dual-residential project in collaboration with BG Architecture located on the tree-lined streets of Toorak in Melbourne. The Hopetoun is a premium development encompassing a residence on the ground floor and a two-level penthouse.

    Just as the individual homes within the project possess a distinctive character, their bathrooms follow suit. Kestie ensures every bathroom is unique through distinctive fixtures and fittings.

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    Materiality Matters

    Bespoke materiality and quality craftsmanship are paramount in Kestie’s bathroom design process. “We always dedicate a significant amount of creative time to the custom design of joinery and special elements within each bathroom,” Kestie says. “We regularly include stone for two reasons – to create an impactful, bold statement or evoke a seamless, monolithic result”.

    An elegant layering of texture and warmth is achieved through tiles and timber. Kestie leans on a combination of glazed and honed tiles to evoke curiosity and contrast. “We tend to adhere to the tried and true tile products we know work well – durable and easy to clean. For this reason, we intentionally limit our library to a very curated selection, often sourcing from Academy Tiles.”

    Throughout The Hopetoun, Kestie stipulates bespoke, stained oak timber joinery from Maas & Co to create a tailor-made, natural finish for the drawers and cabinetry. 

    “Rogerseller products complement our design aesthetic, and are finished to a very high standard. We can specify Rogerseller knowing our clients will be exceptionally satisfied.”


    – Kestie Lane

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    Bespoke timber joinery combined with the Rogerseller Eccentric wall basin outlet and Rogerseller Eccentric progressive hob mixer makes a striking impression with the honed stone walls.

    Design Details

    Rogerseller‘s products are a firm favourite for Kestie, used in most of their projects. “Rogerseller’s products complement our interiors. We love their tapware and fixtures to achieve a seamless finish,” she says. Kestie’s go-to products are Rogerseller’s Eccentric, Pinch and Tonic collections for their simplicity and elegance. “Rogerseller products are refined, timeless, yet have just enough design detail to achieve a sophisticated statement without outshining the design of the bathroom,” Kestie adds.

    The Hopetoun project features the Rogerseller Eccentric Progressive hob mixer and Eccentric Progressive wall mixers, the Pinch wall basin outlet, and the Pinch floor mount bath outlet. Rogerseller bathroom accessories complement the pared-back aesthetic, including the Rogerseller Eon towel rail, Rogerseller Eon shelf and the Rogerseller Eon paper holder.

    Lighting is informed by functionality and mood; natural light takes precedence wherever feasible. For example, in the powder room, a warm ambience is created with a raw cast aluminium Volker Haug Anton custom wall light. “Above all, collaborating with artisans and craftspeople is the core philosophy of our design practice and one that transforms our designs into something truly unique and memorable,” Kestie says.

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