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    Design Directory United Artworks Est Magazine 2


    Since its inception in 2002, United Artworks has dedicated itself to providing high quality, commissioned hand painted artworks for the design community. Recently launching it’s online gallery in February 2013, UA now provides for hand painted artworks that is accessible to the wider global market at every level.

    The UA brand is focused on international designs and styling that appeals to both retail and commercial wall art applications. In order to achieve this and retain a penchant for design inspired artworks, the range is exclusively designed in Australia and is produced in partner studios across Asia, ensuring the most competitively priced artwork in the world. UA has also found it’s partner studios (suppliers and artists) are expert in providing a degree of quality and consistency that is equally as important as price.

    UA also produces works under license from it’s global artist pool. A recent example of this is a collaboration with artist Julie Robertson, a Tokyo born, U.S based artist whose designs provide for a truly international flavor that is perfectly ‘on trend’ for the Australian market. These works are produced by hand in limited numbers, under exclusive license and each piece is certified by the originating artist/designer. This approach ensures authenticity, exclusivity and represents excellent value for specifiers, designers and stylists.

    UA is unique because it specializes in hand painted original and re-production artworks rather than the common method of partnering with Print houses to carry out such work in Print form only. This continues to set us apart from other art vendors.
    United Artworks has uniquely positioned itself among globally renowned fine art distributors by offering a genuine hand painted product that is fully customizable in terms of size and design without the usual loading and surcharge for this most valued service.

    UA looks forward to broadening it’s audience at Design-Ex in Sydney, May 28-30, 2014 @ booth 626.

    Speciality: Art
    Website: www.unitedartworks.com.au
    Phone: +61 3 8786 3819





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