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    In the search for new directions and innovations, the international design calendar of events is the key encyclopaedia for any design connoisseur.

    With most countries hosting their own “design weeks” the hero show for the year is ultimately Milan’s Salone del Mobile. This show sets the tone for the year in regards to trends, colours, shapes, innovations and its where new young designers are born. Yet this factor does not disregard the other shows on the calendar, as they all have their own unique angle and reiterate the importance of culture in design.

    Each individual pop-up week of design, not only showcases the latest and greatest from the design world, it also lures the design savvy into interesting design destinations in the specific cites.

    Stockholm Design Week This is the perfect show to see the full range of clever Scandinavian collections that don’t always seem to get as much credit as they deserve. Twisting the pre conceptions of Scandinavian design into a globally unique sense of style. EAT Berns STAY Nobis Hotel VISIT Fotografiska for more.

    Sydney Design Festival With Australia still one of the only countries that does not host a set “design week” on the international design circuit, they make up for the loss by holding a design festival month orchestrated by Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. EAT Opera Kitchen STAY 8hotels VISIT White Rabbit

    Maison & Object Paris  Held twice a year once in January and again in September this show focuses around the designer object/accessory. Some would almost call it more of a designer accessory/homewares show with the focus on smaller loose furnishings but that does not rule out the fact that major furniture brands do have a strong presence at the show with larger items, especially that of the outdoor furniture genre. EAT Restaurant La Societe STAY Hotel Costes VISIT Merci

    Tokyo Design Week This is the show for design technology innovations, along with beautifully crafted and curated exhibitions that fuse both designers, engineers and architects together. The Japanese interior landscape both in show and out is both mind blowing, simple, clever and completely unforgettable. EAT Omotesando Ukaitei  STAY VISIT Design Tide Tokyo

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