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    Considered design family royalty in their UK homeland, HemingwayDesign has teamed up with Royal Doulton to celebrate the 200th birthday of the iconic British ceramics brand by creating a fresh range of mid century design inspired ceramic pieces. Tangerine, citrus yellow and a tiffany blue form the colour palette for the newly designed collection of statement vases, serving bowls, storage jars and jugs. Can’t you just picture Betty Draper slapping Sally’s hand as she tries to sneak another cookie from one?

    Taking the leap into designing ceramics has proven to be not such a stretch for Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway, the founders of UK fashion institution Red or Dead. Commited to pursuing their life long passion for producing quality, sustainable design, the couple have worked closely with daughter Tilly in producing each piece in adherence to their own company philosophy. That is, to improve things that matter in life.

    Here Wayne and Tilly share with us their design philosophies and explain their passion for the mid century aesthetic.

    How do you merge a strong mid century aesthetic with the traditional heritage appeal of a brand like Royal Doulton?

    Royal Doulton do have the mid century period but may not be as well known for this – we are creating a range that is timeless – will be kept for centuries and handed down through generations…really pieces to cherish. The other thing about being timeless is that it has sustainability – you are not throwing things away all the time which goes against our philosophy – we add to a timeless collection rather than throwing things away all the time. You won’t look at this collection and say “I remember when this was in fashion”. My mum had the same sofa from my birth in the late 20’s …she would never have considered changing it…we don’t like consumerism.


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    Wayne Hemingway and daughter Tilly | Photo courtesy of Living London

    What shapes or influences your particular design aesthetic?

    Mid century ceramics, especially vases & storage, in a way that you could have collection of varying shapes, sizes, colour & texture, that sit together brilliantly but also look great as a pieces on their own.

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    Why do you think the mid century aesthetic still holds such appeal in 2015?

    Much of the design that came out of the 50s/60s modernist movement still looks just as modern and forward thinking today. There wasn’t a throw away culture at the time, thinks were designed and made to last, and they have. I’d say a lot of mid-century design is timeless.

    Est Magazine royal doulton hemingway design

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    Are there any Australian designers who have caught your eye and can you share what it is about their style that appeals to you?

    We stumbled across a great design shop, Tait in Redfern yesterday, who have some really lovely Australian manufactured indoor and outdoor furniture.

    If you weren’t designers, what would you be doing?

    Tilly – I couldn’t imagine not working in design but I’ve always dreamt of having my own little café and shop, serving great food and selling the best UK made home-wares, clothing, furniture etc.

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    The Hemingwaydesign range will hit stores in June.


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