Designer Essentials on Creating a Functional Wardrobe

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    est uncover what makes both a functional and inspiring designer wardrobe and walk-in robe system by leveraging Poliform’s design prowess.

    We’re exploring the essential elements of a well-designed, customised wardrobe and every detail in between with the expertise of Poliform Australia’s designer and NSW state manager Meredith Ong. We spoke to Meredith about creating a bespoke and practical wardrobe and the key ingredients for success. From luxury finishes, the role of a central island unit to well-placed shelving, a Poliform wardrobe can be personalised to fit your most coveted pieces, style and space. With a philosophy of designing systems which are the perfect blend of precision engineering and luxury materials, Poliform is the go-to destination for a functional wardrobe.

    In partnership with Poliform

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    The Cover walk-in robe by Poliform is doused in natural light as it wraps around a central atrium. Natural light through a skylight, void or atrium can create soft lighting as in the Cover walk-in robe

    Wardrobe Design Essentials


    Creating Depth

    For 15 years Meredith Ong has advised on wardrobe and walk-in robe design at Poliform – from small apartments to large private homes. She knows that when designing wardrobes and walk-in robes, hanging space is one of the first important considerations, always specifying a depth of 550mm. This covers larger coats, full skirts as well as business shirts and trousers. 

    Open Shelves

    To optimise open shelves, they are best kept at eye level, where you can see exactly what’s on them. “They are perfect for T-shirts, jumpers, bulky sweaters and handbags,” Meredith says. “Open shelves are usually also used at the very top of wardrobes for those items that you don’t need on a day to day basis.”

    Pull-out Drawers

    When creating functional storage in lower areas of your wardrobe or walk-in robe pull-out drawers are essential to maximise storage and ease of access. “They are great at the lower areas as you can pull out and see all the items without getting down on your hands and knees,” Meredith maintains.

    Space for Shoes and Accessories

    To keep accessories such as belts and ties organised and the process of selecting them efficient, Meredith suggests inner partitions and dividers. Shoes should be accommodated towards the base of the wardrobe in a soft pull tray or pull out shelf to avoid a build-up of clutter. “Shoes can also be stored on angled shelves if you have the luxury of a dedicated shoe wardrobe,” she says.

    Lighting and Customisation

    Lighting and glass shelves are a way of further customising your wardrobe. As walk-in robes are often dark, ceiling lights can enhance the overall space and sensor-activated lighting in the internal shelves to ensure every prized item is perfectly visible. If a skylight or window permits, natural light can transform a space. Mirrors can reflect light and create an increased sense of space – and of course their obvious, practical purpose for trying on your clothes. 

    The Dressing Room

    A dressing room or a designated makeup zone can complete your walk-in wardrobe layout. “If you have the space to do it, then you should,” Meredith says. “There is nothing more luxurious than getting dressed up in a dressing room where everything is at your fingertips,” she adds.

    Central Storage

    Introducing a central island unit can add an additional layer of storage; making for the perfect spot to display bags and jewellery. “A central island offers a flat surface to layout items and put together accessories and outfits – it’s also a handy flat surface to fold and put away items,” Meredith affirms. 

    “Open shelves are best used at eye level so that you can see exactly what is on them. They are perfect for t-shirts, jumpers, bulky sweaters and handbags.”


    –  Meredith Ong, Poliform state manager

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    Open shelving allows for display and easy access of handbags.

    With a philosophy of designing and producing systems backed with quality engineering, sound construction and materials, Poliform’s wardrobes and walk-in robes reflect 60 years of superior craftsmanship. 

    Founded in Italy in 1970, Poliform specialises in functional and intuitive furniture, kitchens and wardrobes that are designed to last. Synonymous with quality and precision, the Poliform brand prides itself on manufacturing all of their wardrobes and components in Italy to this day. 

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