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    Polish designer Jan Kochanski creates products that are not only highly functional, but beautiful too. Having studied interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Kochanski went on to become a member of the teaching staff there until leaving to pursue his own career in product design at the end of 2012.

    Growing up surrounded by the sculptures created by his father and associated objects, models and tools found within his workshops, Kochanski was trained from a young age to appreciate materials and construction together with the entire production process. The design of the plastic injection moulded Sweeper and Dustpan for Menu was a collaboration between the designer and  craftsman with years of experience in producing natural horsehair and beechwood brushes in Warsaw. “I believe that close cooperation between a designer and a manufacturer is crucial to create a successful product” explains Kochanski.

    The recent design of the sun safe canvas canopied deck chairs got us quite excited as they could just spell the end of the view blocking nylon tents being erected on the beach smack bang in front of us next summer. Deck chairs to the back of the beach though please!


    Est Magazine Jan K

    Sweeper and Dustpan

    Est Magazine Clip 2

    Est Magazine Clip Table

    Clip Table

    Est Magazine Janek1

    Gdynia Beach Chair

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