designer & architect interviews

In our interviews, we at est get behind the scenes to speak with the masterminds behind the best design work in Australia and abroad. We learn about the passions, past works and motives behind favourite spaces and respected careers.

  • Pamela Makin – Natural Elements

    If you share our love of an organic, natural and textural aesthetic then you will probably be familiar with the… continue reading.

  • Malene Birger

    When Est got the chance to chat with world-renowned designer Malene Birger, we had to find out: how can there… continue reading.

  • Karen Martini

    Karen Martini Chef, restauranteur, writer, TV presenter, wife and mother, Karen Martini is doing what she has only ever wanted… continue reading.

  • Falling in Love

    Remember your first big crush? Seeing them set off butterflies in your tummy; you’d hang off their every word at daylight and… continue reading.

  • Abbey McCulloch

    Women, mothers, daughters, sisters and fashion magazines inspire Australian artist Abbey McCulloch. Her work is a delicious infusion of charcoal,… continue reading.

  • Clinton Freidman | Photographer

    Disguised, faded, bruised and torn. Chopped, stacked and waiting for purpose. Clinton Freidman saw past the seemingly lifeless plant formations… continue reading.

Behind the scenes interviews

Kelvin Ho’s architecture interview reflects on his inspiration and the past decade of projects he has worked since founding his firm Akin in Sydney. To him, a successful space merges a narrative with contextual historical and social references – an approach we couldn’t agree with more.

Talented design duo Tania Handelsmann and Gillian Khaw create elegant, timeless and on-point interiors. Speaking to est living about working abroad, the interior designer interview with Handelsmann + Khaw reveals their in-depth input throughout the architecture process and illuminates the relationship between architect and designer.

The interview with Aaron Peters from architecture firm Vokes & Peters is still one of our most memorable discussions. We learn that Aaron’s love for the idea of home started when he built tree houses as a child. These days Aaron works on boutique residential, commercial and institutional projects in Queensland – a fitting career trajectory indeed. Discover these and more in the est living Interviews.