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  • Li edelkoort

    Australia’s leading Design and Architectural event Designex is on next week at the new temporary Sydney Exhibition Centre at Glebe Island from the 28 – 30 May, 2014. Here are three speaker events we have signed up for below. Be quick and sign up now if you can make it…we’ll save you a seat if you let us know your coming. See the full Speaker Series here

    Ok, we admit we are just a little bit excited to be meeting up with leading trend soothsayer Lidewij Edelkoort who will share with us her thoughts and learned observations made from her frequent travels around the world. All in the name of studying the evolution of socio-cultural trends. Think we can try that one with the tax office when we claim our next holiday?

    With the looming trend of ‘cocooning’ upon us, we are keen to learn more about this cosier lifestyle we will all be pursuing that in turn will help instil a new sense of wellbeing. Take us there now Li … we want off this crazy time poor, high stress, jam-packed one way road we are travelling!


    Sarah K, David Harrison (below) and Adam Cornish
    A panel of experts, led by Margo Konings of Dutch practice Organisation In Design, will feature local talent Sarah K; design writer David Harrison; and designer Adam Cornish, who will explore the benefits and challenges for designers participating in international events, and what drives designers to travel internationally.

    David Harrison

    Justin Northrop and Nick Travers of Techné Architecture + Interior Design

    Justin and Nick of Melbourne based Techné Architecture + Interior Design, have quickly achieved international acclaim with their cutting-edge designs. Their session will discuss the studio’s design approach in the fields of hospitality and residential design and how both sectors are often influenced and inspired by each other. Presenting project case studies, they will demonstrate how various concepts, trends and future directions are manifest and shared in these apparently different types of projects.





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