Designing for the Future with Behruz Studio

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    From rugs, kilims and textiles to their exclusive custom-design experience, Behruz Studio fuse over 30 years of industry expertise with a demonstrated passion for the evolution of their industry.

    It comes as no surprise to est that some of our favourite Australian design studios habitually turn to the team at Behruz Studio to support their interior design.

    We spoke to Behruz Studio’s Amir Aligorgi and award-winning designer Dylan Farrell to see what makes the brand’s past, present and future remarkable and the role that a beautiful, quality rug can play in creating an unforgettable space.

    Produced in partnership with Behruz Studio.

    As an award-winning designer with international recognition, it’s safe to say Dylan Farrell doesn’t dole out praise lightly. Recently awarded Emerging Design Star in the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards, Farrell’s unique, effervescent designs each reflect their own clear character; one that is enhanced by his use of textiles.

    Farrell’s support of Behruz Studio stretches back to 2009 when he first met the studio’s founder, Behruz Aligorgi. “Behruz was one of the first vendors I was introduced to, and he and I became friends almost overnight.” Farrell remembers. “Behruz and his team were interested in developing custom fabrications with me and I love to customise fabrications and projects in general, as my desire is always to create unique products tailored to an exact client. So the hunger that Behruz Studio has to create original works appealed to me then and still appeals to me greatly today”.

    “Second only to large scale art, the rug is the most important thing in a room to get right. For this reason, it is critical to have great options on hand…hence my love of Behruz as one of our core vendors.


    -Designer, Dylan Farrell

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    That desire Farrell describes has been a guiding principle of Behruz Studio since opening in 1984 in Melbourne, adapting and evolving with their customers. “When my father started the business, the focus was on antique rugs and textiles,” Amir Aligorgi tells us. “I remember there was a time when people couldn’t get enough of the new pieces or the traditional Gabbeh’s – as soon as the shipments would arrive, most of them would be out the same day!”

    While customers’ tastes may have changed over time, Aligorgi says it’s helped the studio’s work become more interesting and versatile. “We do a lot of custom design orders and when we review what we are creating, there is well and truly quite a mix of trends,” says Aligorgi.

    Working closely with designers such as Farrell has informed the studio’s product development and growth over the years. “Our relationship was and still is a seamless blend of business and friendship,” Farrell says in describing his collaboration with Behruz Studio. “I could then confidently deliver to a client knowing they will see and perceive value regardless of the price they paid.”

    The studio’s collaborative approach and high-quality fabrications have also seen Farrell encourage his clients to engage with Behruz Studio themselves. “I often see that my non-Melbourne clients make the pilgrimage to Behruz’s Melbourne studio to experience what we are proposing. Every time, those clients leave with confidence and excitement”.

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    When it comes to the practical use of rugs in interior design, Aligorgi and Farrell share complementary perspectives with individual experience. “My father would always say rugs are like the soul of a home and they are the key thing to anchor the space and bring everything together,” says Amir. “Through my own experiences being mentored by leading interior designers in Australia, I’ve learned that a well-placed rug can create an illusion of more space when working with smaller dimensions.”

    Both Farrell and Aligorgi point out the ambience and warmth a rug brings, as well as its ability to lead the eye and change the atmosphere of any space. “If a room has a rug, the rug sets the state for the space. So it’s critical that the rug is either intelligently neutral or confidently drives the aesthetic. Anything in between will dull the message that the rest of the objects want to send,” says Farrell. 

    While Behruz Studio might be renowned for their history and heritage, they’re equally excited for what the future will bring. “We are at a point where anything is possible and this excites me immensely,” Amir says. “We have some great plans connecting with some incredible people that I believe without a doubt will take us in the right direction”. Building on their well-respected industry expertise with a passion for change and growth, we’re sure there will be even more design studios turning to Behruz Studio in the future.

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