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    Bathrooms are often one of the first places we look to invest in, and for good reason: they have the potential to act as private sanctuaries within our homes. A room that promises reprieve – even if just for the duration of a soak in the bath. And unlike other spaces in our house, bathrooms do not run the risk of becoming cross-functioning rooms where work and life collide in a chaotic jumble. Their sole function is just the excuse for our dreams of luxury to take shape.

    When renovating or redesigning we like to take an informed approach (some might call it nosiness), which is why we called on Ashley Anderson from Abey Australia to give us some insights and helpful tips on how to create a bathroom sure to endure in style and function.

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    est living hecker guthrie 525 high st 7
    Bathroom for 525 High Street by JCB Architecture and Hecker Guthrie

    It’s hardly a surprise that bathrooms and kitchens are frequently overhauled. The multiple fittings and fixtures can run the risk of dating quicker than our more minimal bedrooms or living rooms. It pays to be judicious when deciding the look and feel of your bathroom renovation. One too many trend pieces can mean a difference of five or ten years between make-overs. Ashley warns us of the lack of big-picture thinking when it comes to our bathroom planning, explaining  “I find that in the beginning, renovators don’t focus on the big picture. They’re focusing on the details, but instead you need to ask yourself ‘what’s the overall look and feel you want to achieve?’”

    Big picture thinking requires understanding any spacial limitations and or caveats. For Ashley, who sees customers get caught up in the particulars all too easily, it’s best to start with the major items and the difficult choices that will shape the bathroom. He explains, “In a bathroom, the big choices are: what’s going to go on the floor and walls? What is the overall colour scheme? Colour provide highlights on cabinets and tiles, so these are important decisions.

    est living designer interivew handelsman khaw 6
    Bathroom by Handelsman + Khaw

    When redesigning a bathroom, it’s best to remain relatively conservative with our choices and drawing on a timeless rather than trend-based sensibility – which is music to our ears here at est hq. Maintaining a balanced and soothing sophistication allows for a pop of flair where possible. “Be conservative with what you put in. I think black will always be around, but I’m not sure about some of these other bold colours – you might get sick of them in two years’ time,” Ashley says. There may indeed be a time and place for boldness, but Ashley cautions “If you’re going to be bold, you’ve got to be REALLY bold.”

    Est Living Elbeko House.Bathroom
    Bathroom in the Elbeko House

    For Ashley, a beautiful and cohesive bathroom relies on balance, both in our approach and our selections. His top pick for an investment, unsurprisingly, comes in a Gessi bath for their sheer drama and luxurious impact. The basin, though utilitarian is not far behind. But beware of becoming trapped by the accoutrements, he explains, “basins are the real jewelry of the bathroom, but don’t get too caught up in the tapware. It shouldn’t be too difficult.” It’s in simplicity that a successful bathroom takes form.

    Regardless of the size of space on offer, there can always be a compelling case to be made for restraint. “I think people try to put too much into a small space. It doesn’t matter how good the product is if they’re competing with each other,” Ashley points out. It’s an adage we often find ourselves coming back to at est – regardless of the room, less but better is a sound philosophy. Now we just need our own Gessi bath and we’ll be happy to keep the rest of the bathroom inclusions to a minimum.

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    est living abey 6
    Bath by Gessi at Abey Australia

    When redesigning a bathroom, it’s best to remain relatively conservative with our choices, avoiding trend-based choices. Maintaining a balanced and soothing sophistication allows for a pop of flair where possible.

    est living homes harrison interiors richmond house 13
    Bathroom by Harrison Interiors in the Richmond House

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