Dine | Guilt Free Sweet Potato Fries

  • Mr Darcy Maxwell Sweet Potato Fries © Tori Simson Est Magazine b

    If you’re looking for something salty and a little less sinful to replace the gult inducing but glorious French fry, then these Sweet Potato Fries could just be the dish of your dreams.

    Sweet Potatos are nature’s gift packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C, while Omega packed Chia Seeds are the latest IT food for reducing food cravings and lowering your blood pressure.

    So treat your tastebuds and your health and whip these up next time the munchies strike – you’ll be glad you did!

    Mr Darcy Maxwell Sweet Potato Fries © Tori Simson Est Magazine


    BY Mr Darcy Higgins | PHOTOGRAPHY Tori Simson | PRODUCTION Chanelle McAuliffe | PROPS Izzi & Popo



    2 large sweet potatoes
    ½ cup chia seeds
    Macadamia oil
    Himalayan salt



    Preheat oven to 170C.

    Peel sweet potato and cut into long chunky pieces about 1.5cm wide.

    Place potato in a bowl, drizzle with macadamia oil, and toss through chia seeds, salt and pepper.

    Line a tray with baking paper and layout out potato.

    Cook for 40 minutes until golden.

    Serves 4


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