Dinosaur Designs x Toni Maticevski

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    We can’t help it but we are still longingly admiring the recent Dinosaur Designs x Toni Maticevski collaboration between fashion designer Maticevski and jewellery designer Louise Olsen and her creation of custom made cuffs and neck-pieces for this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.

    With sets of matching wrist and neck cuffs in clear, ivory, black, and grey and pink perspex together with a special neck cuff adorned with Schiaparelli-pink Swarovski crystals, the somewhat chunky Dinosaur Design pieces are striking on their own, yet surprisingly the thick set pieces add a subtle edge to compliment Maticevski’s stunning collection of elegant gowns and equisite garments. Together the collaborative work of both Olsen and Maticevski is genius in it’s bold aesthetic and form with a defining element of modern luxe.

    The collection will available in September exclusively at Dinosaur Design boutiques in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, New York and the soon to open London store. dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-8-Est-Magazine dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-12-Est-Magazine dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-14-Est-Magazine dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-18-Est-Magazine dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-19-Est-Magazine dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-23-Est-Magazine dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-30-Est-Magazine dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-Est-Magazine dinosaur-designs-louise-olsen-toni-maticevski-3-Est-Magazine

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