Dolce Stil Novo: Precision Meets Passion in the Modern Kitchen

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    As a brand revered for its marriage of form and function, Smeg’s announcement of a new collection always comes with high expectations here at est. Now, with its newest collection – Dolce Stil Novo – Smeg has delivered a best-in-class cooking experience.  It is a collection that recasts the once humble home kitchen as a restaurant-quality space for culinary creation. We take a look through the collection, which is a collaboration with renowned Italian architect, Guido Canali, to see what makes it a true culinary masterpiece.

    Produced in partnership with Smeg Australia

    Technological innovation and craftsmanship are at the core of the Dolce Stil Novo collection, with pioneering appliances working together to elevate the experience of storing, preparing and cooking food to one with restaurant-quality results.  Featuring unique Smeg technologies such as Thermoseal and Thermoseal Plus ovens plus combination steam and speed compact ovens alongside world-first additions such as the blade flame cooktop, blast chiller, vacuum drawer, wine cellar and sommelier drawer, each product in the collection expands the expectation of what a home kitchen can do.

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    The biggest value offered by the technology of Dolce Stil Novo is, arguably, our most precious modern commodity; time. Whether it’s quickly chilling cooked food to the perfect fridge or freezer temperature with the blast chiller, or maximising heat transfer with reduced heat dispersion thanks to the blade flame gas cooktop (with its continual ring of vertical flame), these innovative developments save time and elevate the experience of both creating and consuming food.

    “The breadth of the product offering, alongside world first technology such as the blade flame and Thermoseal Plus ovens with steam assist, is designed to produce professional cooking results in the home” explains Smeg Australia Marketing Manager Olivia Anderson, pointing out that pieces like the blast chiller and wine cellar expand the total Dolce Stil Novo home cooking/entertaining experience.

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    Designed in collaboration with esteemed Italian architect Guido Canali, the aesthetic style and features of Dolce Stil Novo establish the collection as a modern classic. Taking its title from a 13th century Italian love poetry movement, meaning ‘Sweet New Style’, the collection features minimalist styling in black Eclipse glass with refined copper or stainless steel detailing.  In the words of Scott Lockwood, one of the first to own and experience the Dolce Stil Novo collection “Each appliance is a piece of art for the kitchen”.

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    Clean, uninterrupted lines and an emphasis on alignment in every detail demonstrate the craftsmanship at work, while the signature Eclipse black glass oven doors are integral to the beauty of the collection.  The opaque black glass delivers complete harmony with other appliances when not in use, but will then become clear when the oven is turned on.

    “Smeg is the first appliance brand to bring architectural design to its appliances, with its long-standing partnership with Guido Canali just one example” says Olivia Anderson. “Today, Guido Canali delights consumers once more with a culinary masterpiece in Italian design – Dolce Stil Novo is the epitome of passion and precision in the form of outstanding design, innovative technology and exacting engineering.”

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    Already the recipient of three of the most influential international design awards – Good Design® by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design; the iF Design Award; and the Red Dot Design Award – Dolce Stil Novo sets a new standard for form and function in the modern home kitchen. But just as importantly, it brings a new sense of enjoyment to the passionate home cook; Lockwood says he’s most looking forward to the “easy and enjoyable cooking” the collection enables. 

    For those as passionate about aesthetics as they are technology, Dolce Stil Novo is a timeless investment and an enduring luxury. Find out more or enquire on the website here.

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