Double Bay House by Tribe Studio Architects

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    Staking it’s claim as the ‘cool kid on the block’ amongst the mock-Georgian McMansions and a row of tiny Victorian cottages, this contemporary home is a breath of fresh air in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Designed by Tribe Studio Architects, the brief for the home required the architects to develop a loose-fit portrait of the kind of person who would buy a modern home in the traditionally conservative neighbourhood of Double Bay.

    In response, Hannah Tribe and her team set about designing a home to on sell – the type that looked forward to the future rather than being bound to past traditions or styles. The result is a beautifully light, bright and structurally-clever home that uses a simplified yet rigorous geometry to bring all the elements beautifully together.

    DESIGN Tribe Studio Architects PHOTOGRAPHY Katherine Lu

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    The project was both for purpose and profit, explains Hannah Tribe. “Unlike private residential projects, where clients will ‘love-spend’ on impulse, this project was commissioned as a beautiful home designed to sell at a profit”.  Informed by the geometry of the design, the construction of the home is tempered by the warm and engaging interiors, while maintaining a streamlined and modern aesthetic both inside and out. The design was also planned to best reference the sun and its light, emphasising windows and skylights alongside the vast internal canopy of the living area to bring a sense of lightness and ease throughout the home.

    The absence of residents in the home led to a different process in the selection of fixtures and furnishings, unbound by individual preferences. The relatively tight budget was predominantly allocated on finishes throughout the home, with the marble island in the kitchen and the tiled window reveals chosen as key areas to splurge on, while without the limitations of personal tastes and priorities, the Tribe team focused on creating adaptive spaces that would be as appealing to a young family as a retired couple.

    Combining a thoughtful, clever design with strong cross appeal for lifestyle and demographics, this home may be the first of many in a once-conservative region to see the benefits of modern adaptation.

    This feature is one of our revisited archive features in Issue 25 of Est Magazine. Read the full magazine here.

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    Designing to sell rather than reside in opened up both constraints and opportunities for the architects, inspiring the home’s open layout and geometric frame. Practical features, like maximising indoor to outdoor living spaces and flexible communal areas also ensure this home will continue to remain relevant for buyers in years to come.

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