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    Referred to as the Sole of Australia, it’s safe to say that every young budding Aussie tennis player, or schoolyard elastics champion, donned a pair of classic Dunlop Volley’s at some stage in their childhood during the early 80s.

    We favoured the blue and white over the green and white combo, and in 2013 the choice in colour and style has become a whole lot more inspiring with seersucker, mint, a chalky white and peach jostling for top billing this summer.

    Introduced to Australia in 1939, our childhood staple has undergone only a few minor changes to its design in over 71 years. Sadly the iconic Australian shoe is now produced offshore, but our nostalgia for the Aussie sole remains and with the new updates we think we may have a contender to replace our Bensimon’s and our much loved Connies…or at least share the rotation.


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