The Eames DAW Shell Chair

  • Eames DAW - Real or Replica?

    In 1950 the DAW (Dining height Armchair Wooden base) was released after years of paper mâché prototypes and fine tuning by infamous design duo, Ray and Charles Eames. Fascinated with the study of the form of the human body, the Eames’ where spurred on to explore the concept of design for the body’s curves and comfort. After constant sketching and study of the human form, coupled with rigorous experimentation and trial and error, the beautifully moulded, fibreglass enforced plastic chair was born. Fitting perfectly to the shape of the body the DAW chair gives both comfort and pleasure to all of whom chose to sit within its form.

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    “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Ray Eames

    The Eames where emphatic in their belief of good design – not just as a way to sell products – but rather as a way to improve peoples lives. With this in mind we must consider whether the replica chair improves our dining experience as we sit around the table with family and friends, cocooning our body and enveloping its curves, or does it merely act as a stool on which to perch ourselves?
    It is with some irony that Charles and Ray Eames designed their iconic range of furniture with a view to allow mass production. Of course in the new millennium we now face the conundrum of mass-produced fakes outselling the original design. The cheaper rip offs now being more dispensable and therefore making them prime landfill fodder in today’s ‘throw away’ society.

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    How to spot a fake Eames DAW

    SHELL COLOUR The most noticeable difference between the real and replica. The real eames is a chalky white where as the replica is a much brighter white.

    FIXTURES The Real eames has black screw to match the black frame. The replica however had chrome screws.

    TIMBER COLOUR A notable difference. The Replica had a much blonder finish.

    TIMBER DOWEL On the Replica the timber edges were splintered and un finished, decidedly less polished than the Real Eames. SYMMETRY Near perfect on the Real while this attention to detail was no where to be found on the replica.

    How to style the Eames Chair in any setting

    TRADITIONAL Take the chair back to its roots with classic Eames Styling using blond timber, skins and dirty hues. Minimalist with a nod to retro inventions help to ensure this classic chair is shown in the exact fashion in which it was created.

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    OLD & NEW Mix the vintage with the contemporary to achieve the on trend look of fusing the old with the new. Scour garage sales, ebay and the ever reliable source at second hand stores to find vintage pieces that can tie in with present day designs and that will successfully add to the character of your space.

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    FAMILY To ensure your space does not take itself too seriously and is forgiving of ‘vegemite fingers’ be sure to look for sturdy, durable pieces that can be wiped down or are added too with a bit of dirty ‘character’. Perfect for a quick wipe down, the Eames chair was made for family in mind. Mix with pieces that can also stand all that a family can throw at it.

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    CORPORATE Sleek lines, contemporary spaces fuse well with the soft curved shape of the DAW chair and its mellow wooden legs. Dress a corporate space with tailored pieces and monochromatic colours and let the chair do the talking for personality in the room.

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