Easy Rider

  • est living otr bikes brown white 750x540

    When it comes to bike riding there is nothing like the wind in your hair as you free-pedal down hill. As for the rest of it? Well, let’s just say that any activity that involves ugly shoes and lycra shorts with inbuilt padding around the bottom is best left for others. Then we discovered these retro style electric bikes which mean you can jump on in your jeans and keep up with the kids without having to beak into a sweat.

    est living otr bikes brown white
    OtoR Cycle in Brown + White | Oto
    est living electric bike italjet ascot.01
    Ascot Electric Bike | Italjet
    est living ascot electric bike handlebar
    est living ascot electric bike from italjet 2

    Electric bikes are perfect for weekend mornings spent riding to the patisserie to pick up fresh baguettes and a crunchy sacristain (or three) without having to struggle with the hills on the way home.

    est living electric bike lohner stroler grey
    Lohner Stroler Black Devil 250W | Lohner
    est living electric bike faraday s porteur.01
    Porteur Electric Bike in White | Faraday

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