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    Meet the latest in sleek, modern and all-black technology, as we showcase eight of our all time favourite black ovens from leaders in kitchen appliances.

    A statement in its own right, ovens are an essential element within every kitchen. Combining premium design with innovative features, the black oven is a dramatic piece that adds significant depth. Whether the appliance incorporates smooth, streamlined and contemporary features or takes on a classic approach with heavily contrasting joinery, each piece shines in its own light.

    This feature originally appeared in est magazine issue #32.

    Est Living Deisgn Directory Vipp Modular Kitchen 4
    Vipp Kitchen | est living Design Directory
    est living v zug combair slp oven 01

    V-Zug Combair Slip Oven

    The premium Swiss V-Zug Combair Slip Oven showcases a luxurious all-black face, integrating a smooth design fit for a clean, streamlined kitchen. Featuring a full colour graphic display and touch control, V-Zug aims to combine superior technology with unmatched cooking quality.

    Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Thermoseal Oven

    Presenting both design and quality innovation, The Smeg Dolce Stil Novo collection exudes style with its copper accents and sleek front. With three impressive levels of steam cooking and a cutting edge pyrolytic cycle, this oven is the perfect addition to any contemporary home.

    est living smeg dolce stil novo thermoseal plus pyrolytic oven 01
    est living miele h 6860 bpx handleless oven 01

    Miele H 6860 BPX Handleless Oven

    Although the Miele H 686o BPX Handleless Oven might seem like an impossible concept, this oven’s precision sensor ensures convenient and safe cooking. Whilst staying true to Miele’s unparalleled quality reputation, the Miele H 686o BPX Handleless Oven has a stringent temperature control, providing immaculate baking and roasting results.

    Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Induction Cooker

    Favouring a more traditional design, the Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Induction Cooker impresses with its generous-sized cooktop and convection oven. This oven boasts contemporary features such as instant heat and quality temperature control, fused with a heritage style.

    est living fisher paykel freestanding induction cooker 01 1 750x540
    est living get the look carrical house smeg oven 1024x737

    Smeg Victoria Oven

    Cult favourites Smeg are bringing vintage back with the Smeg Victoria Oven. Also available in a classic crema enamel, the Victoria Oven is a defining piece for the centre of any kitchen with its six gas hob and two ovens.

    La Cornue Le Château 150

    The La Cornue Le Chateau 150 is completely customised and handcrafted in Paris. With an impressive variety of trims, colours and configurations, the Le Chateau 150 is created for you personally. Utilised worldwide by professional chefs, this oven offers superior culinary performance.

    est living La Cornue Le Chateau 150 01 750x540
    Macon image 2 1 1024x737

    Lacanche Macon Classic

    Direct from the Burgundy village of Lacanche in France, the Lacanche Macon Classic is a classic design reborn with impeccable features, including two large 55-litre ovens that can be configured for gas or electric, and a third fast heating oven for smaller family meals.

    est living mk house 4
    MK House by Schuybroek Architects | Interiors |est living
    est living Nordiska Kok classic shaker kitchen 03
    Shaker Kitchen by Nordiska | est living

    The design is pared back to allow the raw materials to speak for themselves. Large timber joists with exposed steel and oversized aluminium sliding doors create some seriously large-scale volume, while the liberal use of concrete in the pool house against the red cedar pergola structure gives the house a strength and definition.

    Reading as two distinct yet harmonious architectural styles, the open-plan addition cleverly captures a lightness that works in contrast to the ornate bungalow. The straight lines of the outside landscaping enhances the sense of space inside the extension while the pool cavity by Kate Patterson Landscapes acts like a central sculptural feature, where silver granite tiles spill over to play on form and function.

    Safe to say, the spirit of the house has been revived and updated thanks to its latest addition. Modern in mood, this second living area marries something old with something new to create something better altogether. Bring on the Summer pool parties.

    This piece originally appeared in est magazine issue 27.

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