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    Breaking away from the monochrome stone mould, we explore nine of our favourite examples of coloured stone in the home. 

    With its unique veining and striking appearance, coloured stone is a statement choice in the home. Suitable for benchtops, floor and wall applications, natural stone offers resilient heat resistant properties and an elegance that can’t be matched. 

    A force of nature and a statement made in stone, peruse these nine stone hues that each share a contemporary, opulent edge. 

    This feature originally appeared in est magazine issue #34.

    est living decus interiors woollahra house 7

    Woollhara Home by Decus Interiors

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    Calacatta Viola

    We kick off our list with Calacatta Viola, from premium tile and stone retailer Signorino, who pride themselves on sourcing exotic stones from around the world in an abundance of colours.  Calacatta Viola has a dramatic rippled effect within the stone with vivid burgundy veining.

    Elegant Grey

    Softer in colouring, CDK Stone’s Elegant Grey  has white and gold veins on a darker surface. Elegant Grey is honed and polished, making a sophisticated addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

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    Fior Di Pesco

    Sydney stone company Marable offers natural and engineered stone slabs, specialising in kitchen benchtops, feature walls and fireplaces. Quarried in Italy, Fior di Pesco features a lilac-grey base with prominent veining throughout, incorporating hints of white and salmon.

    Arabescato Corchia

    The Arabescato Corchia marble from Victoria Stone gallery is a well-known white and grey marble from Carrara, Italy. It is characterised by its contrast of white balling and deeper grey background. This natural stone is heavily polished and can be used for benchtops and flooring.

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    New York

    Another favourite from Victoria Stone Gallery is the New York marble, defined by its pearly base and purple ink-like veining. Due to its translucent background, light can illuminate from the back of the stone, bringing some of the city’s glamour into your bathroom or kitchen.

    Invisible Blue

    Quarried in Brazil, Signorino’s Invisible Blue is a statement slab, with its intense gold and grey-blue marbling. As part of the retailer’s ‘Grey Stones’ collection, Invisible Blue is suitable for typical internal application along with pool tiling, fountains and mosaics.

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    The Damasca stone by Victoria Stone Gallery is sourced from Greece. It’s known for its blue and purple tones and small spider web-like veins. The dark grey marble can be used for fireplace hearths, vanities and wall tiles, and offers a more subtle veined finish.

    Verias Green

    Another Greek stone is Signorino’s Verias Green, which showcases a deep green background with shades of lighter green throughout. Dramatic and moody, the deep forest green is balanced with the white and grey accents, and is suitable for use on external walls.

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    Nero Marquina

    We conclude our edit with Marable’s Nero Marquina, recognised by its black backdrop and delicate white veining. A statement in its own right, the Spanish marble remains a timeless option for any room or surface.

    est living killcare house decus interiors 15

    Killcare House by Decus Interiors

    est living interiors hunters hill house 01

    Hunters Hill House by Handesmann & Khaw

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