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    Who doesn’t enjoy having eggs for breakfast? We are pretty sure the answer is no one. Egg Shop in NYC is capitalizing on this ‘official’ statistic and has devised a menu with each meal comprised, in some way shape or form, of eggs. Delicious food is usually enough of a draw, but it helps that this cute little place is beautifully designed. Food, check. Interiors, check.

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    The idea for Egg Shop was conceived by Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis, a husband wife duo who met a few streets down from Sarah’s Lower East Side apartment (as you do). The couple often argued over music, and which US Coast was superior, but did, however, agree upon this: eggs reign supreme. A restaurant dedicated to this versatile food did not exist; so the couple teamed up with Chef Nick Korbee and hospitality veteran Florian Shutz to get working on their dream, egg-centric menu.

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    The team behind Eggshop used LMNOP Creative for the branding of the breakfast spot and the interiors were designed a Brooklyn based company called WRK Design. “For the space, I really wanted something clean, and modern. Nothing kitchy and nothing to “farm to table”. I wanted somewhere warm and friendly, that focused on the food” says Scheider, “the tables were salvaged from what was originally here! We sanded them down, and put a finish on top.” The chairs, sourced by WRK Design, are vintage french school chairs from an antique dealer which were painted to match the Egg Shop colors. The lighting in the space is also custom – converted factory lights found in the Remington Arms factory. WRK Design’s in-house graphic designer, designed and painted the pattern on the wood floor. The space is indeed modern and friendly, and we’d be happy to have eggs here any day of the week.

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