The Est Edit: Organic Forms

  • Avion Pendant Iskos Berlin for Lightyears 01 750x540

    Coming from a place where design and abstract sculpture have merged, organic forms have been fast taking over the creative scene. From geometric curves to the bold and the beautiful, design influenced by the organic fluidity of nature has been stimulating our senses. Gone are the stiff angles, hard lines and dark colour schemes- instead we’re in full favour of creamy-toned voluptuousness.

    From local Australian artist Den Holm’s large-scale sculptures to London designer Faye Toogood’s Roly Poly chair, the materials are robust and raw and the forms are sensuous and smooth. Reflecting on the volume and bold silhouettes of the Vernon Apartment by AP Design, we’ve put together an inspiring collection of ‘show and tell’ designs that embrace their curves.

    est living interiors vernon apartment 01
    Vernon Apartment by AP Design House | Australian Interiors | est living

    Ubald Klug Landscape Sofa

    Not for the faint-hearted, the innovative Ubald Klug Landscape sofa DS-1025 by Swiss design company de Sede is reminiscent of undulating mountainous ridges, only it’s been relocated inside to the living room.

    Ubald Klug DS 1025 Sofa DeSede
    est living design directory sjc den holm1 e1524103304233

    Den Holm Sculptures

    Bold and blocky. Melburnian stonemason Steven John Clark is the man behind Den Holm. Clark’s creations are a contemporary mix of art and furniture with a strong focus on texture and organic forms.

    Avion Pendant Light

    Hovering playfully in the air, the Avion by designers Iskos-Berlin for Lightyears is an oversized Zeppelin-like pendant. Casting a soft, diffused light it instantly creates a cosy, natural atmosphere. Available at Cult.

    Avion Pendant Iskos Berlin for Lightyears 01
    Roly Poly Dining Chair Faye Toogood

    Roly Poly Dining Chair

    Drawing influence from her experiences of pregnancy and motherhood, Faye Toogood’s Roly Poly Dining Chair is the anchor piece of her Assemblage No. 4 collection. This fun, scoop seat chair with its four plump legs is made from material that suggests a certain rawness. Available at Hub Furniture.

    Rope Vessels

    From art objects to sculptural vessels and your everyday bags, Doug Johnston’s unique rope work stems from an interest in transforming braided cotton cord into simple items that mimic natural rock formations and canyons to reimagined architectural and sculptural spaces.

    Doug Johnston Sculptures Doug Johnston
    Cloud 37 Chandelier Apparatus

    Cloud 37 Chandelier

    Talk about a grand illusion. Famed lighting studio Apparatus have created their take on a cloud. Hand-frosted glass orbs create an irregular bulbous like texture surrounding three central light sources that emit a soft glow. Stunning. Available at Criteria.

    Flotsam Bench

    Looking at waste in a whole new light, Brodie Neill is the Australian designer behind this genius ocean plastic surface. Brodie’s “Ocean Terrazzo” furniture collection not only turns washed up plastics into something great, it gets us seriously questioning the harmful effects single-use plastics has on our environment.

    Flotsam Bench Brodie Neill
    Ceramics Olivia Walker 01

    Ceramics by Olivia Walker

    Olivia Walker’s work plays in the space where the man-made and the natural intersect. She throws precise forms in porcelain before submerging them in paper-thin accumulations. These foreign growths mimic organisms such as fungus, coral and bacteria – but are unidentifiable, growing over its host.

    Haven Bath 1760

    Even the humble bathroom is deserving of thoughtfully integrated organic forms. We’re drawn to this sculpted large scale bath in the curvaceous form of Apaiser’s Haven Bath, available at Rogerseller.

    Apaiser Haven Est living DD

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