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  • BoConcept Copenhagen Bookshelf 750x540

    Celebrating flexibility, simplicity and of course a good reason to display (or hide away) our most prized possessions, storage in the structure of shelving can combines the best of function and form. From cubist to curvy, linear to architectural, a sculptural room divider or the hero of a room, shelving is at the very least an object that helps us define our living zones.

    Seeking incentive to organise our own belongings we turned to Golden’s South Yarra Apartment. We fell for the custom shelving featuring a simple white frame, timber shelving and minimal detailing creating the perfect place to showcase sculptural objects in a unique way. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite shelving storage solutions to help you kick off the new year in an equally organised fashion.

    est living WAH South Yarra Residence 08

    Jaime Hayon x Wittmann

    A collaboration between the hyper-creative Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon and the Austrian manufacturer Wittmann has resulted in the freestanding MD Shelf. What better place to position treasured objects than onto tactile leather shelves? With each shelf seemingly floating in mid-air, this asymmetrical design is available in a ‘Hayon-esque’ colour spectrum.

    MD Shelf Wittmann x Hayon Workshop01
    Romboidale Shelving Pietro Russo x Baxter01

    Romboidale Shelves

    Designed by Pietro Russo, this divine display creates an elegant and soft division between different domestic environments. The rhombus-shaped vertical timber shelves and opposed crosspieces create a geometric and harmonic construction. Find it at Criteria.

    Axis Shelving

    Here’s a module for a multitude of compositions. Axis was designed by Studio Klass for Discipline– an Italian brand making design for daily life and doing it well. Axis can be customised to height and length to fit any spacial zone.

    Axis Shelving Discipline design01
    Est Living Design Directory Space Arne Bookcase 5

    Arne Bookcase

    Trust B&B Italia to provide an artistic solution to an everyday need. Created by designer and industrial designer Antonio Citterio, Arne is a shelving collection that includes a bookcase, revolving cubic storage unit and a horizontal container, all of which can all be used in unison or alone.

    Libelle Bookshelf

    Fast becoming a legendary furniture piece, the Libelle Bookshelf by Pietro Russo for Baxter is a true geometric Italian beauty. With the capacity to separate spaces from floor to ceiling without impeding the flow of light, it’s a shelving system ‘where modularity becomes an expression of space materialization’.

    La Biblioteque Pietro Russo 01
    BoConcept Copenhagen Bookshelf

    Copenhagen Bookshelf

    Designed by Morten Georgsen, the Copenhagen Bookshelf for BoConcept allows you to show what you want and hide what you need. As functional and flexible as it is beautiful, the Copenhagen is an organiser’s dream.

    Random 2C bookshelves

    Curvy and colourful, this is a freestanding shelf that will get people talking. MDF Italia’s Random 2C bookshelves now comes in a plethora of rainbow hues. Available at Hub Furniture.

    Random 2C Bookshelf MDF Italia colours
    Collectors Shelving System Amuneal01

    The Collector’s Shelving

    Did someone say solid wood AND solid brass? We’re sold on The Collector’s Shelving materials alone, let alone that it’s fully customisable. Designed by high-end American fabricator Amuneal, The Collector’s Shelving aims to bring together a modular product that can be configured for any space be it large or small.

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