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    Great for flanking either side of the bed or a bathroom mirror, perfectly positioned in an entryway and essential for guiding us down the hall, there’s no doubting wall lamps are both a functional and aesthetic investment. Luckily, the future of the wall lamp has never looked so bright; a multitude of design-centric choices make it easier than ever before to find the perfect fit.

    Rather than taking up square footage to house floor lamps and side tables, wall lamps provide us with the option to create the same illuminating effects without eating into our precious space. Decus Interiors’ Woollhara House is a shining example of wall lighting done right. Full of practical yet visually intriguing wall lighting at every turn, this home leads the way with its inclusion of modern wall lamp designs which have inspired our covetable collection below.

    est living decus interiors woollahra house 1
    Woollhara House by Decus Interiors | Australian Interiors | est living

    Austere Wall Light

    Pure and simple, the Austere Wall Sconce from Great Dane emulates a visual lightness. Elegant and minimal, this versatile lamp adds ambience to almost anywhere.

    est living great dane austere wall light 01
    est living interiors Decus Interiors Tamarama House 16

    Applique a Volet Pivotant

    Shown in the hallway of Decus Interiors’ Tamarama House, the Applique a Volet Pivotant by Charlotte Perriand is timeless and distinctly mid-century. This architecturally pivoting wall lamp is available at Cult.

    Themis Sconce

    One from the Brit list. Originally inspired by Victorian balancing toys, Bec Brittain’s Themis Sconce juxtaposes the double-coned glass diffuser with the triangular shape of its marble support. Find it at Criteria.

    est living bec brittain themis 6 sconce 01
    Articolo Lighting Slab Wall Sconce Brass Grey 01

    Slab Wall Sconce

    Sculptural and artisanal elements merge to create the organically formed Slab Wall Sconce by local lighting pioneer Nicci Green of Articolo.

    Line Wall Mounted Light 2.0

    We’re peachy keen on the Line Wall Mounted Light 2.0 by New Zealand designers Douglas & Bec. The design pays homage to 20th-century American sculptor Alexander Calder’s famous spheres.

    est living decus interiors woollahra house 13
    apparatus tassel 1 sconce 01

    Tassel 1 Sconce

    Giving us a warm and fuzzy glow all over, we love Apparatus’ brass and mold-blown glass Tassel 1 Sconce. Modern yet old-worldly all at once, the round dome and long cylindrical light make a unique pairing.

    IC Light C/W

    Creating an orb of illumination the IC Light C/W by Michael Anastassiades combines artistic temperament with everyday functionality. A beautiful inclusion in the Butterfly House by Biasol. Available from Euroluce.

    est living butterfly house biasol global interiors 17
    ross gardam nebulae wall lamp 01

    Nebulae Wall Light

    Proving that good design can shape light. Melburnian Ross Gardam‘s latest lighting range takes inspiration from interstellar clouds. Nebulae features textured, bubbled, rippled and fluted glass discs.

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