Evoking Calm with the New Armadillo & Co Collection

Est discovers the unifying philosophies and quiet luxury behind the new Egyptian collection by Armadillo & Co. Through the lens of co-founder Jodie Fried and stylist Louisa Grey, we uncover how crafting an authentic and quiet environment evokes a sense of well-being.

“I think that there’s going to be a change of culture to slow living, a slower-paced life where we’re considering the items that we buy and how the materials that we have around us affect us,” reveals Louisa Grey; London-based, international stylist and founder of House of Grey. Creating environments that evoke a restorative life through curated, handcrafted and more considered pieces in our homes is a concept close to the hearts of both Louisa and Armadillo & Co’s co-founder and creative director Jodie Fried.

Produced in partnership with Armadillo & Co.

The synergy and shared vision between these two creatives brought us to Armadillo & Co’s new Egyptian collection of rugs. In working closely with Armadillo & Co on their latest campaign ‘A Quiet Luxury’, we look at how Louisa builds modern environments using the earthy and artisanal Egyptian range.

Enhancing our wellbeing as well as creating an aesthetical foundation for the home, Armadillo & Co have been in the business of both for ten years. Timeless and full of dimension, their latest range offers an understated form of luxury. “Our new Egyptian weave is a beautiful collection of hand-crafted jute rugs, very beautifully over-dyed with a quality, earthy element to it” reveals Jodie. The unique combination of dye, fibre and construction means each of the five colours changes subtly in the light, revealing its individuality and patina over time like a lucent silk fabric.

Armadillo & Co on location | Santa Clara 1728 by Architect Manuel Aires Mateus

It’s this lovely kind of union of elements, all-natural elements that help us have a very non-visually stimulated life”

– Louisa Grey, founder and stylist at House of Grey.

Stylist Louisa Grey on location for Armadillo & Co in Lisbon, Portugal.

Louisa explains how “The Egyptian Collection brings a comfort, it brings a kind of earthiness that grounds you and that’s very much what we work towards at House of Grey, having those design principles that bring a philosophy together.” This range respects function as well as aesthetics to inspire a quiet, understated luxury in your own home.

Louisa’s work with House of Grey focusses on an elegant simplicity that evokes a sense of calm and wellbeing, something that resonated with Armadillo & Co and their strong ethical standards. “Our rugs have soul and integrity, which both honour local culture and architectural history” illustrates Jodie.  From the naturally sourced materials of wool and jute to the recognition for the local artisans that use handmade, ancient techniques to craft each rug and as Louisa reflects “There’s that hand-crafted element to them forming the very backbone of the product.”

Encouraging a considered and calm approach, Armadillo & Co’s storytelling is what sets them apart. At the very essence of their beautiful new collection is a story of home, a sense of family, nature, materiality and atmosphere which all overlap to build new and lasting memories in whatever space we call home.

Armadillo & Co co-founder and creative director Jodie Fried on location in Lisbon, Portugal.

Armadillo & Co on location at Santa Clara 1728 designed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus

Armadillo & Co on location at Santa Clara 1728 designed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus

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