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    The Pitch
    Ever wondered how Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen creates her futuristic collections? Or why French designer Isabel Marant doesn’t use a fit model?

    Perhaps you’re interested in how Christian Astuguevieille, the creative director of Comme des Garçons, found a parallel between the scent of an overheating Xerox machine and men’s aftershave? Or maybe you want to know the definition of a ‘progressive regressive fibre entrepreneur’.

    Whatever sparks your curiosity, Todd Selby has the answers.

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    In his new book, Fashionable Selby, New York-based photographer and author Todd Selby goes behind the scenes of the fashion world. Spread over 345 pages, Selby documents some of the world’s most creative fashion designers in their studios, warehouses, living spaces and boutiques.

    But unlike many fashion books of this kind, Selby doesn’t focus on the end product. Instead, he investigates the design process, revealing how people make their colour, design their spectacles, sew their garments and sell their dresses.

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    Fashionable Selby is loaded with personal anecdotes and sketches. For the past three years, Selby has traveled the world in search of amazing people who live and breathe clothes, materials, shoes, stitching, hats, scarves and jewelry. He has curated and documented their creative process, reminding readers that people who have a genuine love, care and interest in how the garment is made are the real fashion artists.

    This book will appeal to fashionistas, creatives, interior stylists and anyone who loves looking at beautiful things. Eccentric and filled with beauty, details, colour, pattern, movement and sparkles, Fashionable Selby is one to add to your collection.

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    Who is Todd Selby?

    In 2008, New York photographer Todd Selby launched a website called The Selby. In the beginning, it was a place where he could post photo shoots he did of his friends in their homes – thankfully for us, his friends were mostly young, mostly good-looking movie directors, models, designers, writers, art curators, magazine editors, artists, and they lived in glamorous places like New York and Los Angeles.

    The Selby quickly attracted a global following, and within a year the website was attracting up to 100,000 unique visitors a day. Selby soon began collaborating with top luxury companies, which included Louis Vuitton, American Express, Fendi and Nike.

    On top of his ongoing collaborations, Selby also has a monthly home column in The Observer Magazine, a monthly fashion column in Le Monde’s M Magazine and has frequently contributed to Vogue, Architectural Digest France, Casa Brutus Japan and the New York Times T Magazine.

    Fashionable Selby is the third book in The Selby series. His first book, The Selby is in Your Place was launched in 2010 and focuses on creative people in their homes. Edible Selby was published two years later and, as its name suggests, features the kitchens, gardens, homes and restaurants of the most dynamic figures in the culinary world.

    Cover Design: 10/10 – this cover just screams fun!

    Favourite Chapter: Iris van Herpen (page 40). In this chapter, Selby explores Herpen’s unusual creative process. Laser-cut frocks, 3D-printed fabrics, seamless latex dresses made to look like skin covered in piercings and scars – it’s a visual feast.

    Fashionable Selby is available from My Bookshop

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    Photography: The Selby

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