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    We recently spent a morning with florist Fleur McHarg – and yes that meant waking at 3.30am and meeting her at her floral concept store in Melbourne’s Armadale, to then head out to the markets to fill the van with booty for a days trading and event styling. Behind the boutique, bridal bouquets, and pale peach peonies is a florist with eclectic taste and an adaptable style, not only sought after by brides but rock legends, rappers and royals.

    When Fleur told us she lives on coffee, chocolate and a cheeky ciggy – she wasn’t joking. Taking her first cup of Jo at 4.30am at the markets with the ‘boys’, she tosses her trademark blonde curls over her head and bends over with laughter and hysterics at their jokes – did we mention it was 5am in the morning? Clearly this florist is a morning person!

    With her trolley laden with flowers and foliage – and after a hunt for african violets (which was like trying to procure whiskey from the bootleggers) – we filled the van. Actually we stuffed the van full and headed back to the store to set up for the day ahead.

    By 9am the van has been emptied, the store has been styled, the floor swept and mopped, the window displays have been installed, the 3rd cup of coffee has been drunk along with a few ciggies, and a chocolate croissant or two nibbled from Rouge Cafe around the corner.  It’s physical work lugging trolleys, heavy pots, mopping and sweeping, shifting and rearranging and we were ready for bed at 9am just as the doors opened, but not Fleur.

    With a flawless career, and highly sought after creative talents, Fleur delivers more then just flowers, styling, events and interiors. The work of this clever florist leaves you re-assessing all of the elements you thought you knew about floristry, decorating and design.

    Kicking into gear for the onslaught of clients who are wanting personal one on one time with the ‘florist to the stars’ to discuss upcoming weddings, anniversaries, funerals and children’s birthday parties, Fleur smiles and charms her loyal clients with her good nature, patience and sense of humour – ALL DAY!

    We’ve heard the phrase, “I don’t know how you do it?” said a few times ourselves  – but we REALLY don’t know HOW she does it!

    Fleur McHarg Portrait Floristry and Event Styling Est Magazine

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    Fleur McHarg Floristry and Event Styling Trestle Table Est Magazine

    Fleur McHarg Floristry and Event Styling Florist Est Magazine

    Fleur McHarg Floristry and Event Styling Shop Est Magazine

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    Fleur McHarg Floristry and Event Styling Pendant Lamps Est Magazine

    PHOTOGRAPHY Tara Pearce

    Words Sian MacPherson & Chanelle McAuliffe



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  1. Absolutely STUNNING piece! Love her and her shop. So great to see someone with such enthusiasm and love for what they do. Am a sucker for beautiful flowers.

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