Get the Look: Flemish Farmhouse

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    Whether it be through the influence of Scandinavian designers or the rise of ‘hygge’ spaces in contemporary design, the Scandinavians have established design precedents that have reverberated throughout the world. And while embracing natural materials and employing a minimal colour palette may have become associated with ‘Scandi style’, we’d argue there’s a wider European renaissance at work – and its influence can be felt all the way to Australia.

    Drawing inspiration from the rustic European sensibility of the Hunter’s Hill House by Handelsmann + Khaw, we explore a Flemish Farmhouse style, uniting typically Scandinavian elements with a wider contemporary European aesthetic.

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    White Walls

    While this European style may differ from its Scandinavian counterparts, white walls are a shared characteristic. Instead of a warmer creamier shade, here we recommend a cooler, almost grey shade of white such as Porter’s ‘Whisk’ hue.

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    Floating Fireplace

    There is something unequivocally luxurious about a floating fireplace and the Gyrofocus by Focus Fireplaces gets our vote for a sleek form with curves to add modern sophistication amongst the rustic foundations.

    Carmo Sofa

    A good sofa goes hand in hand with a fireplace and adds to the warming European aesthetic of this space. The Carmo Sofa by BoConcept offers room to spread out or curl up on, in a soft slate hue that will blend nicely with the monochrome palette of this style.

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    Caraveggio Lamp

    A stalwart of contemporary Danish design, the Caraveggio Lamp by Cecilie Manz brings a provincial touch to a sleek modern lighting form. Perfect as a pendant lamp in darker corners or to highlight the ideal reading spot.

    Steel Framed Windows

    Reinforcing the monochrome backdrop, steel framed windows and doors simultaneously reference the classic farmhouse detailing while introducing a bold modern element. Made to Measure are our go-to for steel framing in all forms.

    est living steel frame doors
    Est Living Design Directory Great Dane Johansen Oak Table 1

    Johansen Table

    A generously proportioned timber table is a nod to the impact of simple, honest craftsmanship. We’re drawn to this classic oak table by Mads Johansen for Great Dane.

    Oak Floorboards

    Oak is also a natural fit for floorboards, its rich textural tones creating an elegant contrast with the monochrome walls and exposed beam ceilings. For an authentic European aesthetic, Mafi gets our vote.

    Est Living Design Directory Mafi Nero Oak Brushed White Oil 1
    est living flemish farmhouse agape bath

    Vieques Tub

    Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this statement tub is an ode to antique designs. Available in white or dark grey painted steel, it is completed by a Iroko wood shelf and backrest for maximum indulgence and minimal elegance.

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