Gift Guide: For the Staff

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    It’s the conundrum facing bosses around the world come Christmas: what to buy the staff? It requires tactility and thought, and a certain measured restraint. Here, we’ve pulled together seven ideal staff gifts in a range of price points, so you’ll surely have a solution come the Christmas party.

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    est living gift guide for staff Minimalux Pen

    Ballpoint Pen by Minimalux

    There are certain things that we just don’t ever buy for ourselves – luxuries that are considered just that bit too superfluous. A beautiful and well-crafted pen is one such object that renders it an ideal gift to give, particularly to hard-working staff. Precision machined from a single bar of solid brass, this pen is proof that Minimalux know how to make simplicity exquisite.

    $239 AUD

    Eden Candle by Sly

    It’s hard to go past a candle to solve gifting woes and this one from On The Sly combines sweet jasmine and juicy pear for an indulgent, intoxicating scent. Encouraging your staff to store their candles at their desks will result in an office space that smells dreamy, so it’s a win-win, really.

    $42 AUD

    est living gift guide for staff 02 EDEN
    est living gift guide for staff Bondi Hand Wash

    Hand Cream by Bondi Wash

    This hand cream from our friends at Bondi Wash is both luxuriously soothing and gentle on tired, tapped-out fingers. Lightly scented with Tasmanian Pepper and Lavender, the cream packs an antioxidant punch with 100% plant-derived ingredients. Plus, sleek monochrome packaging make this an ideal desk accessory.

    $25 AUD

    Pen Rest by Minimalux

    Minimalux delivers on elegant design, and their Luxe Pen Rest is no exception. Part paperweight, part ordered resting place for a single pen, the precision-machined, solid brass round is mirror-polished by hand for a lustrous finish. A luxurious gift for the high-achievers.

    $219 AUD

    est living gift guide for staff Pen Rest
    est living gift guide for staff magazine stand

    Brass Magazine Rack by the Coolhunter

    Minimal and effortlessly cool, this brass sculptural magazine rack from Cool Hunter is as effective as a design feature as it is storage for newspapers, magazines, or simply files. Sure to inject an understated, nostalgic glamour to any space – the only trouble will be encouraging it to remain in the office and not in your staff’s homes.

    $279 AUD

    Notebook by Mishmash

    From design-brand MishMash comes an elegant pocket-sized notebook for staff to jot down all those important meeting notes. An ideal Kris Kringle gift that is easy on our budgets, too.

    From $18 AUD

    est living gift guide for staff Minimash Notebook
    est living gift guide for staff How to See Book

    ‘How to See’ book

    George Nelson’s classic guide to visual appreciation has been released in a cool, playfully designed new edition. A tome that explores the power of visual messaging in a man-made world, Nelson’s critically-acclaimed book has influenced generations of design professionals, students, and design-lovers everywhere. A cult classic, and one your staff will thank you for.

    $39.95 AUD

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