Glenmore Terrace by CM Studio highlights the refined craftsmanship of the past and reconciles it with a contemporary classicism that defines the home’s future.

Located in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, Glenmore Terrace is an elegant example of the area’s rich Victorian heritage. Exuding all the charm of its Georgian/Regency genesis, the classical townhome owns a narrative not uncommon in Sydney’s inner-urban residential pockets.

In recognising a custodial responsibility to retain the home’s cultural and heritage significance, CM Studio has reinstated tradition through the meticulous restoration of its facade, gardens and many period details. At the same time, the studio has unified the original elements with contemporary additions to transform it into a functional family home.

Interlacing the old with the new, Glenmore Terrace’s additions are largely distinguished by a dark palette that complements its surroundings’ strong, monochromatic, classical architecture. Marble accents and heritage detailing pay homage to the terrace’s origins in the living space before transitioning as the home unfolds down to a new open-plan kitchen and dining area.

Brought to life by the vast ceiling height and bronze anodised doors and windows that wrap around the rear of the terrace, the light-drenched space weaves elegant modernity within the traditional ambience of the original home. Symmetry and geometric precision lend a timelessness that integrates seamlessly into the home’s heritage bones.

An intentional echoing of the garden beyond has been layered into the space through dark green leather banquette seating, tactile oak veneer, brass and expressive Concordia marble.

The rich textural notes continue throughout the kitchen and bathroom with gunmetal tapware and reeded glass, stylistically unifying otherwise disparate aesthetics by drawing from a period that mediates between contemporary and historical timelines.

Glenmore Terrace has assumed an enduring relevance that celebrates the history of the home while delivering new opportunities for modern living. Through a constant modulation between design eras, a sense of cohesion is instilled in direct response to the home itself, its residents and their patterns of living, and its inner-urban context.

Steeped in Victorian heritage from the front, Glenmore Terrace assumes a timeless aesthetic as the home unfolds inside.

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