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    Everyone has a token foodie friend don’t they? The friend that excitedly explains the virtues of activating almonds as if you are actually even remotely interested in the concept, and the friends that always have the latest cookbook, gadget or hard-to-source ingredient. Despite the at times mind-numbing monologues about the latest gourmet trends, these friends are worth their weight in gold when it comes to serving a decent Sunday lunch or a mid week curry.

    And these are the things those much loved friends can’t possibly do without…

    gourmets gift guide est living


    1. These Brazilian handcrafted soapstone pots from Uncommon Goods will go from traditional French oven to farmhouse-style table. The hammered copper handle creates a luxurious finish, while the soapstone is able to withstand temperatures up to 1000C – ultimately a fairly useless feature for the home cook but a cool fact to be able to brag about over pot au feu and an ironically-paired Chablis. $126 AUD

    2. Fort Standard’s hand-cast brass bottle opener will make even VB seem chic. Not that a gourmet would drink VB, but you know what we mean… $60 AUD

    3. Combining Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, these minimal pots by Esko Studio have a matte outer glaze and a high-gloss interior. Designed in Sydney, the pots are made in collaboration with ceramists in the mountains of Ubud, Indonesia. From $85 AUD

    4. Those whose foodie aspirations include clean eating, simple flavours and beautiful homewares will love this beautiful steamer from Quitokeeto. The cedar basket with a perforated terracotta base absorbs excess moisture (important in avoiding soggy gyoza). The ceramic base can also be used individually on the stove or in the oven. $157 AUD

    5. These hand-thrown porcelain plates by Herriott Grace are perfect for special occasions, but should really be used for everyday considering their dishwasher safe and make even plain rice miraculously taste more delicious. $64 AUD

    6. Malfatti’s stunning vino blanco glasses are uniquely shapen, the result of being made entirely by hand. While they look delicate, the lightweight glasses are made from borosilicate, which is the same material used for laboratory ware. Sold in pairs because no one should drink alone. $68 AUD

    7. Herriott Grace’s smooth grain wooden butter knives are hand-carved to make each piece unique. The beautiful finish of the maple ensures these beauties will be treasured for many years to come. $68 USD

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