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  • Gypsy Juice Eye Balm Sommer Elston Palma Mallorca Est Magazine

    We recently lunched with Sommer Elston, the gorgeous founder and enviable entrepreneur behind Gypsy Juice. After wandering the streets of her current hometown of Palma, Mallorca, we sat and feasted on down-to-earth farm house fare at Misa Braseria. Chatting up a storm about all that is close to our hearts… globe trotting, love, babies, Australia, healthy living, small business and collaboration, we barely drew breath.

    Over the past 14 years, Sommer has lived the life of a modern day vagabond. From riding on the Tran-Siberian Rail to swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos, Sommer has explored over 30 different countries and lived in some of the world’s most exciting cities including New York, Moscow, London, Sydney and Tokyo.

    It makes sense then that this well travelled, free spirited Australian would understand the perils of skin care as a frequent traveller exposed to varying conditions. Enter Gypsy Juice. Sommer’s personally developed  range of skincare products that come jam packed with all the minerals, nutrients, fatty-acids and anti-oxidants required for optimal skin health. Wherever you are in the world.

    With each ingredient chosen for its quality, purity and natural healing powers, and hand blended to ensure every ounce of goodness is squeezed into the jar, Gypsy Juice takes the restorative powers of the universe very seriously. Having put the Gypsy Juice Essential Vitamins Eye Balm through its paces on the 28 hour journey from Europe to Australia, we can vouch for Sommers 100% certified organic, cold pressed , unrefined oils and butters hand selected from some of the most exotic, lush and remote places on earth. Best of all, it’s all available online… that being said, we honestly wouldn’t mind popping over to visit Sommer, smiles and sunshine in Palma again.

    Gypsy Juice Eye Balm Sommer Elston Palma Mallorca Est Magazine

    Gypsy Juice Sommer Elston Eye Balm Est Magazine

    Gypsy Juice Palma Mallorca Est Magazine


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