The Hardwood House by Adam Kane Architects

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    In a contemporary design landscape is often skewed to the latest trend it takes both serious skill and chutzpah to commit to a singular material focus through design – even more so to pull it off effectively. Yet in Melbourne’s popular weekend getaway destination of Daylesford Adam Kane Architects and interior designer Barry Ludlow have pulled this off with apparent ease, bringing ‘The Hardwood House’ to life.

    Designed as both a residential dwelling and accommodation space, the home is characterised by its distinct rough hardwood timber materiality inside and out. Inspired by the warm, textured timber chalets of alpine Europe, the home’s humble structure emphasises the beauty of its natural materials and its generous scale.

    ARCHITECTURE Adam Kane Architects DESIGN Barry Ludlow PHOTOGRAPHY Adam Kane

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    Working with a modest floor area and budget, the design was driven by the need for flexibility in transitioning from a single house to two independent rentals with seperate entrances, facilities and outlooks. To achieve this the building is spread over two timber-clad gabled forms, continuing the dark natural palette both inside and out. The homage to European chalet style continues inside with the high raked-ceilings creating space and depth throughout the interiors.

    The hardwood timber creates a rich, welcoming texture balanced with the darker, moody colour palette of the natural tones (the walls, floor and ceiling were treated with Porter’s Wood Wash in Palm Beach Black for added effect). The timber floor, wall and ceiling linings throughout the home were all locally sourced and hand-finished, adding to the rustic sensibility of the home and grounding it in the local landscape. Materials like steel and reclaimed timber add further warmth and luxury to the space, while outside a bamboo garden lends a tranquil setting to the home – just perfect for a relaxing weekend away.

    Emotive yet elegant, rustic yet welcoming, the Hardwood House uses a signature material to impressive effect, creating a space that seems to exist out of time (and trends), simply waiting to host all kinds of new visitors. Want to be one of them? You can book the home for your own getaway through AirBnb or Stayz.

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    Interior designer Barry Ludlow wanted to express the home’s character in a humble way, balancing the simple architecture with a restrained collection of furnishings and art. Pieces collected at local markets, historic estates and antique shops were mixed with modern furnishings and appliances to balance character with luxurious charm.

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