Hasami Ceramics in Japan

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    We love that Est connects with so many readers across the globe. It truly is the beauty of digital. And we love receiving emails from international designers and architects wanting to share their work with our readers. But very rarely do we receive an email that elicits such a unanimous response as the latest project from Japanese architect Yusuke Seki did. Upon seeing the Tokyo based architects creation of a show room floor for Japan’s leading ceramics, pottery and porcelain producer, Maruhiro, a collective muttering of ‘how the hell?’ could be heard around the office as soon as we all laid eyes on the Hasami ceramics.

    Constructed out of 25,000 ‘bricks’ consisting of cement filled defect and flawed ceramics collected from various pottery producers in the Hasami area in the Nagasaki prefecture, Seki has designed a stage for the flagship store to accentuate Hasami’s heritage of ceramic tableware production and distribution dating back to the 17th century.

    In a marriage of architectural construction and design with artisanal empathy and know-how, Seki has created an experience that speaks of history and tradition while also turning the idea of construction on its head.

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    PHOTOGRAPHY: Takumi Ota

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